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I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to see frog spawn in my pond at last. The heron took my goldfish apart from one last year so I bought a net and covered most of the pond leaving a section for frogs to access it and give other wildlife a chance to drink. The frogspawn has been deposited on top of the net which dips in the water,so my one remaining fish cannot eat it. Are't my frogs clever?!

Blimey! Do they go to school?

Nothing happening here yet except for a lot of croaking from the shubbery.

I've been training them!
Where do you live Pansy? I'm in Cheshire so perhaps if you are a bit north of me you will have to wait a bit longer.

Those are seriously graduate level frogs  daydaisy! 

We saw 2 big clumps of frog spawn  last wednesday in my mates big garden pond.


Frogs reign! Bring them on, good slug eaters ????

We had loads in the pond until Mr and Mrs Mallard moved in and ate them all. Sods.


I rescued some spawn from the hill on Saturday...a  rather short sighted  frog obviously couldn't find the little pools nearby....


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