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hi all its now full sunshine down ere i Tenby, Right very soon a greenhouse for the first time, Norfolk very close to the sea ,what kind of temperatures in the greenhouse do i need to lookout for to maybe fleece or bubble wrap for extra insulation if at all, ill be keeping first year cuttings IE Hydrangeas and young fig trees and plants etc Manyofem Alan

Alan, when they were younger my parents gardened on the East Anglian coast and my son lives just a mile inland.  They've found that in the winter they don't get the very cold drops in temperature that we experience, just a few miles inland, and they don't get the heavier snowfalls.  Even last winter they only got a sprinkling of snow when we were struggling under a couple of feet of the stuff.  What they do get is a biting northeasterly wind so when planning your new garden look for sheltered south-west facing corners, and create lots more   And a spot out of the prevailing wind for your greenhouse - for several reasons! 


I thought Tenby was in Pembrokshire, Wales? Anyway what Dovefromabove has said is totally true. I live near the coast and my wooden polycarbonate greenhouse is in a very sheltered spot. My 2 next door neighbours have both had their greenhouses blown over or the glass blow out as they put theirs in exposed sites. You still get frost and the low temps even being near the sea, it just tends to be less of it or a degree or so higher than inland, so investing in heating would be worthwhile.

Hi all,, many thanks for all that insight to frost, and Blairs we are in Tenby and some of the allotmenteers lost their sheds in the high winds we had and loads of windows blown it looked like the Som. we should move ( i hope ) to our new house in Mundesley ( closer to Kates mum) ,in Norfolk thats why the east coast Q,we do have a great long south facing part and a smaller west part,and ill remember all this when i get a new greenhouse when weve settled in, what im not sure of is if needed what kind of heating are people using nowadays ,is it still the old smelly paraffin job as theres not likly to be leky near it,

Ideal heating is an electric fan heater with set to come on at 7C with a view of the greenhouse staying at 5C. I have no leky near my greenhouse (25m from house and no outside supply) so use a paraffin heater (you can get covered ones that do not soot the whole place if the wick is too big - mine is by a German company Biogreen)


right many thanks for all that folks 7c is the one to think about
Cheers Alan

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