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I don't have any pictures and the tree hasn't fruited for sometime. It was a poorly neglected tree, covered in dead bindweed and brambles in Frebruary but after some TLC and after branches being cut off,  it produced white blossoms at the beginning of April. I hoped it was apple, a frost took the blossoms though later that month and there didn't appear to be any devloping fruit.

This evening I noticed lots of tiny green hard fruits about the size of marbles, some bigger, on the tree. A guy on the allotment thinks it's plum but someone else thought cherry. I have a cherry blossom tree in the back garden and don't think it's cherry as me thinks the leaves would be similar.

Sorry, not alot to go on but any suggestions as to what it is....    


They're often called sherry plums so maybe

You guy's never fail to amaze me how quick a plant is identified...

The link Dove shows a more mature fruit so will try to check out a tree with smaller fruit, these are more cylindical rather than is likely to be plum... the guy on the allotment who said it was plum seems to only grow fruit tree's and bushes...     

 Will check out sherry plums...thank you...  



and my sherry should have been cherry, I'm no typist

That explains why I couldn't find it .

Thank you, looks like both allotmenteers were right, will look forward to the cherries ripening. 

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