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30/07/2013 at 08:38

Hi folks,

Now im retired i can and do spend most of the day gardening one way or another,

If im not sowing/planting/ feeding or just waiting for the harvesting then im eating a lot of whats come out of the garden,

Nothing odd about any of this to us gardening folk

"But" to others who dont understand why we garden and ask the same question ive heard so many times and its this one,

Why grow your own when you can just pop down to the shops and buy fresh veg etc?

Well to me the answer is in the question "FRESH" veg/fruit etc,

Ive yet to see or taste any lettuce thats been taken from the garden washed and on the plate within 5 mins from the start to the finish pre eating taste like any supermarket bought one!

Now thats fresh, you can taste the juice in the lettuce, feel the fresh crunch as you eat,

No artificial mist streaming from a supermarket cold counter,

But if anyone wants to test for themselves, try eating a freshly picked tomato from your own vine ,

the feel, the taste and then go and buy supermarket toms and see if the taste are the same?

Growing your own is like it says on the tin "you know what your getting because you've grown it and you know what the veg / fruit have been fed on.

Home grown is fresher, and this is why its not a bad thing to grow your own.

30/07/2013 at 08:54

You are "smokin" today SMOKIN.  well said.  It is all about taste and goodness but satisfaction too in seeing thriving crops.  Picking tomatoes too now ....walking around garden and picking odd runner bean, tomato, gooseberry, blueberry, etc is so satisfying

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2 messages