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I have subscribed to G W for a number of years and have a lot off back copies that take up space and as my dd is due to paid in November I was considering changing to the digital copy, do any of you have thoughts on the subject,

You don't get any free gifts included in digital versions. I pass my magazines on to a gardening friend

Thanks for the reply Fleurisa I did wonder about the Callander and two for one book I think I will just stay with the mag as is

I've just renewed my print subscription and am quite shocked that the digital edition is not included.  I also subscribe to Which magazine and their pdf version of the magazine is included in the subscription fee.  The most incredible part is that GW magazine want more for the digital version than the print version.


I had a look at a copy of GW yesterday and was stunned at the price of it!

Also, the cover felt horrible. 



Paper copy all the way for me LittleAnne. Keep posties, paper producers, printers in business!

I had a trial of the digital version but there was very little content or inspiration.  Did not  take up the sub 

Pat E

I always use the digital version, naturally because of having to get it in Australia. I'm not look for gifts or passes to gardens, I just like the various items and the informative advice. I also, of course, need to read 6 months behind, but it doesn't matter. 

My biggest problem is the company who I have to but through. Even though I've renewed my subscription, they still keep sending me reminders to renew. It's as if one desk doesn't talk to the other! 

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