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I have a garden bench with cast iron ends, The slats appear to be Teak and are rotting away at the ends. Does anybody know if it is possible to buy replacement slats for these benchs.


If you can't find the teak ones, you could use planed treated timber, not the rough stuff.

Thanks for that do you know if I can buy them ready cut to size?


Go to your local wood merchant (Wickes / Jewsons / etc) And ask if they'll cut you the wood to whatever length you require. Our local one is ever so good for this!


I don't know exactly how your bench is made; the thickness of the timber, as well as the other dimensions may be important.



ive been given . the same cast iron ends of a bench like yours b@q will also cut to length. 


Always use B & Q woodcutting service, they are very good.

gardenning granny

We've replaced all the slats on ours and resprayed the cast iron ends too and I reckon it's good for another dozen years.  We treated the new slats (B & Q like others have said) with a wood sealant as the bench lives out all year.  Gives you the chance to change the colour (we now have dark blue iron ends) too.

North Durham

Local hardware/timber shop slats cut to size will be no problem.

I was fortunate enough to spot a matched pair of very heavy ornate cast ends off a park bench in a scrap bin. These were dated 1976 and all that was wrong was one foot was broken off which I welded to repair with cast rods.

Hardest part was picking them up.....such a weight

Then I bought timber slats, cut to length, from the local hardware, which I stained and coated in marine varnish after drilling. These were coach bolted on. Nothing special about the timber. The castings I gave a grey primer undercoat then painted in Hammerite black gloss with gold touches to the patterns.

I have had it some 20 years now and it is still doing fine. I think I have re-coated the timber only once in clear marine varnish

Best scrap bin find I have ever had.

Good luck with yours

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