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I don't have a lobelia OL - mine got eaten by snail/slugs last year  

My rudbeckia was a clump that my brother gave me as a Christmas/moving in pressie - not sure how many there were to begin with  I love them. I've got another clump a bit further along but they don't have black middles. Not sure what type either of them are

LilyP your garden looks lovely, and your pics turn round when I click on them  

Beaus Mum

Beautiful paniwatsits star gaze, really would like one 


This isn't my garden, but a nearby War memorial which I'd mentioned  before because they have a bed of Hackenochloa in front of it and it's beautiful on a breezy day - looks like a golden version of the sea. I took this yesterday when I was out and, although it was quite a calm day, you can see what a lovely grass it is. I don't like the surrounding bedding but that's just me -  the parks dept. always do it for the summer.


Beaus Mum. The hydrangea was a gift last summer and I overwintered  it very carefully as they can fail here.  Mild winter and a wrapping of bubble wrap helped.

fairy girl. I have never heard of havanotchichhchc? Looks nice, is it easy and hardy or is it an annual?

Fairygirl, such a lovely photo  you can understand why planting grasses in drifts is recommended can't you. Oh, for more garden space.



A few now the suns back out...

 Ruby Penstemon and apricot Dalmation Foxglove






 spuds have been delicious this year.

 Turkeys in the back field.. Think they have got a taste for something in the veg patch?




Lovely, Ighten. How is your house coming on?


Kitchen finished and staircase going in (pretty much the last jobs) just the old pointing to remove and replace outside. Then the scaffolding can finally come down.

 Forgot this pic of  verbena bonariensis. I quite like it - Others don't and say its a weed. I think I should have nipped it out a lot more - we came back from holiday and it was 10ft tall in places still it helps hides the oil tank.







Your house looks great, lovely kitchen.

Ighten looks fab! Will we see you on the tele on one of these house shows? You must have worked so hard hope you feel rewarded

this is what we worked hard on today

 Wall weeding, willow bay was becoming embarrassing!





 random shots from summer-ighten how grand-been working on my own kitchen so yours makes me swoon with envy. very nice stonework

star gaze lily

Ighten, what a beautiful kitchen. Love the aga and brickwork around it.The flooring. All the beautiful wood too. The stairs are gorgeous, can I ask where the little door half way up leads to, all of it beautiful. AND you have a belfast sink

I am green with envy.......wheres that thread 


Ighten - lovely to have an update - I was wondering what you'd been up to , although I knew you'd be hard at it!   

I have kitchen envy too - it reminds me of the lovely kitchen I left to come here to a tiny one again. Love the stonework inside, mixed with a contemporary look - I think that's a the best way to renovate old properties. If you do it right it looks tremendous. You must be thrilled with it all, and rightly so 

LilyP - Hacken's a deciduous grass and lovely by a pond in particular. I got one last year  for this new garden (along with Spartina) as it's a favourite of mine. Verdun grows it as well and we're trying to spread the word!  They take a couple of years to get to full size - those ones are about 2'/3' spread I'd guess, and about 2' high or so. 

That wall is stunning as a backdrop to your lovely Lutyens bench. Willow herb - don't get me started on that!


@Lily - very jealous re your wall - looks lovely.  Now regarding being on some TV program --  absolutely not;

I have come to the conclusion every one who appears on these things goes over budget and has a nervous breakdown so I'm staying well away lol.

Lily . the door half way up goes to a bedroom.. The right hand side of the barn is on three levels whilst the left hand side is two - the hallway divides the two sides (if that makes sense - I'll see if I can find some pics)..


David how old are your pear trees (the orchard area here has so far produced 2 apples and 3 plums)


















I can see a spider on the white cyclamen when I zoom in


Matt - those are seriously beautiful cyclamen 

Daughter took these today,  in between helping me with the fence and cooking dinner!

 The bee had the buddleia to himself because it's a cutting form last year and only has one flower 


We dont seem to get Peacock butterflies here. Next town over where I work does though, must be plenty of foodsource locally there.

We get Small Tortoiseshells, Gatekeepers, Whites and the odd Comma.

Whats the flower in the 2nd pic? I love that deep colour.

ighten pear trees are about 70 years old and produce what seems like a ton of pears every year. which is sad because one pear a year is about my limit.

 but i am a fool for nectarines


What I wouldnt give to have a climate and a garden as David does