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I took these photos this afternoon, thought you would like to see them.



 Lovely photos Cleo.



I did like seeing them donutsmrs, and everyone's else's lovely photos. There's something so pure and clear about the colours of spring flowers.

PD, KEF and donutmrs- lovely pics. Slightly envious that your Hyacinths are in flower Donutmrs

Loving all the Spring flowers. 






Self-seeded wild ones:

 Mixed crocuses:



Love all the great pics, what stunning flowers 

Orchid Lady

Cleo, what's your top pic?  Is it something called elephant ears (??), my neighbour has loads which comes onto the path and I would love some, but she isn't a very friendly neighbour to ask!! 

star gaze lily

Wait till she goes on her hols Tracey,      or go out in the dark lol  

Orchid Lady

Hmmm.....the thought did cross my mind Lily, we also saw some the other day on public land but owned by a house and not looked after, even my OH suggested that

Orchid Lady





 A few from around the garden (front and back) on Monday, I love spring so much


Hi Tracey, the top picture is bergenia, you can have some of mine, I'm swimming in it  lovely pics of your plants too 


A few pix from back garden on Tuesday/Wednesday



Orchid Lady
Love the white crocuses FG, I think they are definitely going in my autumn wish list! along with more purple ones as all mine are yellow.

Cleo, thank you, if I lived closer. I would take you up in that offer but it's a bit far
Orchid Lady
I forgot to say FG, I live your border at the top, that is how I want mine to look eventually, it's lovely

Hi, a pic of my pampas grass. Looks great in winter but gets a bit ragged by spring.  I don't prune it till may tho as it is covered with sparrows in the spring,  taking the fronds for nests. Must make cosy ones 



My friend has a tiny garden which drives him up the wall - not really, he has it packed with plants so the only way to go is up.



Thank you Tracey. It's all very much in it's infancy and is a narrow border in front of a 6' fence- north/nw facing. Most of the crocus in those pix are Cream Beauty but I also have Snow Bunting which is whiter and a bit taller - I'll put  a pic on of those to let you see - they have lovely colouring at the base. I also have Joan of Arc which are the big white ones and are usually a bit dearer. I have a big pot of those crammed in as well as having some planted out.