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Love those little crocuses - so cheerful 


Some pics from the garden today:

This is the best it's done 


 Some Northern snowdrops creeping into the picture 



Lovely pics 4thPanda.Here are some from mine today.





Thanks Pinkie  Yours are looking good too 


Lovely pics, your gardens are more advanced than mine and I live so much further south! I suppose the UK has the gulf stream.






It's been a lovely sunny day today and crocuses have been out and the first daffodil. There is a big black insect (?anyone know it) on a pulmonaria which is still mostly in bud.

Orchid Lady

Hi all, I'll post some pics of my full garden later when I get on the laptop, but for now here is a quick snap I took on the iPad today, I was really excited that my first crocus is about to flower 



Can't help with the black insect Lizzie - looks curious.

lovely to see the first blooms of the year - love your crocus peeping out Tracey.

Here's some snaps of my garden this afternoon

 This one is shouting "I'm first, I'm first" - hopefully all the others in the garden will be following soon

 Some of my hellebores - this is their first year to flower - such a proud Mum

 Daphne - looking lovely- smelling even better!

 Bit of zingy lime to brighten things up a bit

lovely pics all, Bizzy-Lizzie, could that be a solitary bee?not sure when bees start appearing?



 and leaves of climbing rose a Shropshire Lad


Not really a lovely pic, but exciting for me as they are my hostas in a pot.


star gaze lily

Lovely pics everyone. 

Chicky,is your Daphne a --Bholua. I want one of those they smell gorgeousI

Orchid Lady

Loving these pics  

My crocus is out today and 2 more, I took some pics and will post tomorrow 


Lily - yes, a bhoula - jaqueline postil

This was fluttering around my garden today as I was having an after winter tidy and getting garden ready for another year of gardening.  Landed on my gloves I'd taken off.  Not sure if it's a moth or butterfly.  

Ashleigh 2

Lovely photo's everyone. I know exactly what you mean Busy, I got so excited today day over the merest suggestion of a bud on my Japanese Maple.



Tim - not an expert on butterflies but it could be a comma ?  Only one i know with wiggledy edges to its wings.   Great pic


Looks like a Comma to me. Saw 1 here last year, pretty thing


Definitely a Comma. Torties are more 'solid' - they have more defined triangular  wings.


 They're all lovely whichever type they are. We don't get Commas here but Torties, Peacocks and Red Admirals are quite plentiful. 

and yes - the pic is the right way up - he was on my neighbour's garage enjoying the summer sun!






Sorry the first two are really poor pics, I'll try harder.