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star gaze lily

Wintersong, David and Chris lovely gardens. And I love the doggie too.


Yeah ighten, thats an amazing location

A couple more pictures of the back of my garden and the log path. Plants are just starting to take shape now, ferns are slowly filling in the spaces.




Orchid Lady

Looking good Chris, I see your very own 'Nigel' likes to sneak on lots of pics  Gardens look better with a dog in (or a cat ). I'll post one later of my 'Nigel' guarding the apple tree on Tuesday 


A few more from this morning.

The lane above the barn already has some nice ferns and foxgloves appearing naturally. I want this year to make sure these really get maximum support by controlling the nettles, himalayan balsam  and brambles that last year buried everything.


 The removal of the concrete is an ongoing project and it will be nice when this area is restored with more natural looking flags. The smaller walled area in front has now been reseeded and planted..

 Our small woodland area across from this garden will be thinned out a little to let some light down to the floor this year.I really want to get masses of Hellebores and other  woodland flowers naturalised in here.  When is the best time to plant them?








Ighten  - what a lovely project you have. Hard work though! Those walls are beautiful. Can't beat them as a boundary or a terrace. You can plant things any  time really if they're in pots. Some native primulas and bluebells would be lovely in there. If you have some snowdrops in the green they can be planted now. Think many companies will have finished selling them for this year - you'll find loads online though so you can be primed for the end of next winter to get some  

Lovely photos everyone. Thanks for sharing. 

Bautiful tulips ighten, a must have for me next year.

BizzieB wrote (see)

Lovely photos everyone. Thanks for sharing. 

Bautiful tulips ighten, a must have for me next year.

They are now fully open now the suns reappeared..


site great project great site nice dog-i doggysit two yellow labs-sweet. my hellebores seed themselves around and about pretty freely-shame i cant send you a few dozen-the seeds do need a couple of months of cold damp stratification and then two or three years to reach blooming siz


e-mary keens book creating a garden about making her garden in the cotswolds is full of good information and ideas with wonderful pictures. tempshere 85 yesterday 87 today but down about thirty degrees by mon-nights to remain pretty warm though-weather service has just announced that reno has had only 5.3 inches of precip in the last two years which is pretty dry even for the desert

sorry about all the run-on sentences-early morning before coffee-lost the tag on this and the friend who gave it to me hasnt a clue-anyone know? three inches tall and very nice indeed


Steve 309

Nice pics there!  Unfortunately I won't be contributing any for a bit as my little digital camera has died.  When I can steel myself to spend money on a new one I shall show you how pleased I am with my broad beans


David S, does it creep? I wondered about Phlox Stolonifera, but I'm not sure.

Lovely, bright azaleas, David K.




 Self sown anemones.

The roses are very early this year.

Paul's Scarlet

I found a Dr. Ruppel clematis at last, last year. Am pleased with it.

The titles are all coming out in the wrong places.





Dr Ruppel is looking nice for such a young plant..

otnorot but just call me Bill

Busy Lizzie your the first person I have found with the same Columbine as mine,only I did a bit of hybridizing and got doubles.The red one grows wild and they are abundant here in Ontario.

are abundent



 stolonifera it is-thanx liz. rose and clematis-sweet. tree peony with bee. hot and windy-30.556 C with humidity at 7%-lordy lordy