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Here's a couple of photo's of my front garden this morning.



This photo was taken on a rather misty spring morning about October last year. Strange to think we are just at the end of summer here now. 



Hampshire Lass - was that pic taken in Melbourne?  Looks just like England. very pretty too.


Andy - those primroses are really shining out.  Hampshire Lass - lovely to see a down under cottage garden

Forester2. Yes taken in Melbourne. We have four seasons here which I prefer although this summer has been really unkind to our gardens.

Thanks Chicky. 



Hampshire L, is watering a problem in your very hot summers; is water v. expensive/rationed?

Busy Lizzie,

I think your bee might be a  female Hairy Footed Flower Bee, Anthophora Plumipes. They are very fond of Lungwort



So pleased with my hellebores this year












Thank you Magical Meerkat, I'm sure you are right.

Chicky, that is a beautiful double pink hellebore.

I took some photos yesterday, signs of spring.



Everything appears in reverse order. I wrote first, then uploaded the iris, finishing with the violas. Does anyone else find this happens?


You have to reset the cursor after the first pic, otherwise the second pic will come before the first and so on.


Lovely colours Lizzie - pulmonarias are another of of my favourites .... I have so many favourites !!


Not taken any photos recently but I have this from last summer.....if it appears!




Living up to its name of butterfly bush .  Love the dark coloured flowers - is that Black Knight??

Orchid Lady

Lovely pics everyone, I really must get on the laptop and get some of mine loaded.


Yes chicky it is Black Knight. I know a lot of people won't have them in their garden but if they attract butterflies then they're ok by me.


How beautiful - looks like they have been there for ever