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Well it would have looked better if the people the other side of the hedge hadn't ripped out the ancient hawthorn and replaced it with conifer which is all brown on my side. Because its in shade all summer, I think that only Ivy will disguise it.

Artjak. Yes watering can be a major problem. We have two water tanks but that's not really enough.  Water is expensive. Not rationed at present but we had a 14 year drought when water was rationed. Chicky love your hellebores and Busy Lizzie your spring flowers are beautiful. I haven't up,loaded more than one photo on here but have noticed that's what happens on Facebook too. Everything reverse order. 


Lovely pictures on here

Fidget I don't think the conifers distract from the new bed, you just see the lovely plants.

KEF wrote (see)

Lovely pictures on here

Fidget I don't think the conifers distract from the new bed, you just see the lovely plants.

And it's a good excuse to let the ivy grow 

Orchid Lady







Lovely pics everyone.  I'm going to put a few of mine on now, I am quite proud of my new borders and they will hopefully look better in summer with some annuals and colour in   Love all the Hellebores pics, I'm now a huge fan too



hollie hock

Lovely pictures everyone, I really enjoy having a look at everyone's gardens. Not ever had any hellebores, they are pretty. Looks like your garden is in a nice spot Tracey


great to see all your gardens all so differant but lovely and a great inspiration just a quick snap of the bulb planters





Tracey - you've been working hard - looks great  Where does the new GH go?  Look forward to seeing it "through the seasons".

lovely crocuses Ann - love the way they transform when the sun hits them

Orchid Lady
Thanks Hollie and Chicky.

The greenhouse is going on the other side of the shed Chicky, I'll try and get in the laptop later and post another pic. I'm looking forward to seeing it through the seasons too and can't wait to get some annual seeds growing and have lots of colour in the summer
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Fascinating MMeerkat - I'd not heard of this bee 

We have lungwort in this garden; I shall keep my eyes open.

 We get lots of these bees in the south. They look like black bumblebees, I am a bit of a fan of bees, constantly got my face much too close to them, to have a closer look. teehhee.





Winter will be over soon. The berries on the Nandina have been lovely all winter. I'll be sad to see the end of the snowdrops though, and the hellebores.



They are lovely busyL


Surely these white flowers should have died off by now (Michaelmas daisies I think, always buy as an annual), 


Hello little lupin...



Whose's been digging in my garden? (And any idea what the shoots are which are coming through?).









My friend has a tiny garden but it never ceases to amaze me how much he gets to grow in it.  here it is last S


unday full of spring flowers.



Such a pretty garden Marion - your friend is very clever.

Mrs Garden - the lupin looks like it is holding jewels - hope the slugs aren't around yet and licking their lips.

B- Lizzie - lush plants - beautiful.

star gaze lily

MrsG,  love the lupin with the water droplets.

Marion, that gardenis gorgeousI


Mrs Garden, the daisy is a margeurite. They are perennial but frost tender. You can easily strike cuttings to make more plants, and then cut it down, it will then shoot again . It probably will need as feed as well.


Mrs G - your shoots look like crocosmia to me..... Love the raindrops on the lupin too.  Marion, what a delightful garden - looks enchanted


Lizzie - agree it will be sad to see the last of the snowdrops and hellebores (loving your clumps of both) - but we will be so carried away on a frothy tide of spring that we will forget to mind for too long


FB - thanks that's the one, knew it wasn't michaelmas but just couldn't think what it was. Never thought to take cuttings, nothing to loose if i try now and throw them in the GH for a while, second thoughts on a window sill.

Chicky - don't remember crocosmia being in there, although I moved that many things last year, guess time will tell!