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swiss sue that happens to me...plants just follow me home!! haven't a lidl i don't think near us tracey, b an q had half price crocus tho


Some of my pots: 

I love my spring pots 


Oh Panda! Everything looks fantastic, may need to visit the envy thread!


The crocuses look lovely, Panda. Good idea to put them in pots. I once put some in the lawn, but they didn't die back quick enough and OH mowed the lawn and cut off all the leaves, they never came up again! Also, the sparrows chewed all the yellow ones, so I gave up.


Here are some shots of my garden highlights today.





star gaze lily

Lovely flowers everyone,

Like your flowers for rock garden swiss sue.

Chicky whats the red flowered one, very pretty.


They look gorgeous with the black background.

Orchid Lady

Some gorgeous pics on here today, I love my spring pots too and am planning summer ones (more of) 


Orchid Lady

Not in the garden but didn't know where else to out them so hoe you don't mind.  These are a couple of my orchids, the one I 'rescued' today from the garden centre, repotted in a lovely new pot.  The other is my white one which is flowering (obviously!) quite well at the moment and still loads of buds 

 Taken on my iPad so not great and excuse the kitchen floor and Larry the lamb!




That quince is lovely chick  


Thanks for the nice comments yesterday. SwissSue, I'm running the gambit of flowers in the lawn with daffs. Hopefully my under gardener will not be mowing them too soon!


Lovely flowers again, ash2 yours should be on camera thread it's really clear. Chicky is it cheonemalies  (dreadful spelling!). Tracey I'm sure you'll make your newbie flourish, both are gorgeous.


Ashleigh - love the 'black' background - you can't have used David K's trick of using a TV screen in the garden!

Tracey - I tried clicking on your pics to enlarge them but they came ENORMOUS so all the detail that showed was your kitchen skirting boards!  

Has anyone else found that the pictures don't enlarge properly anymore or is it just me?


Lovely orchids Tracey - i like white flowered ones, but that pink is pretty too.

mrs G and Lily - it is a japanese quince - chanomelese (?? Or something??)


Ashleigh 2

I don't know quite how the black background happened, the sun had gone off the bed and I just took them from above with OH's phone.


Sorted out the enlargement problem.

Tracey - Your white orchid is lovely and your 'rescued' one too.   

Orchid Lady

Thanks everyone, as it said not the best but just wanted to share  The new one is a speckled one but the flower is very small so doesn't show it very well.  I have a lovely cerise pink one that has 3 flowers now so am going to take proper pics tomorrow.

Forester  If the skirting boards are dirty it's the OH fault, he cleans the kitchen 


Tracey - my skirting boards never get cleaned (only every ten years or so when I re-decorate.)