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David K

Loving all these beautiful shots....Ashleigh, those crocus are especially good.


Orchid Lady

Thanks everyone, as it said not the best but just wanted to share  The new one is a speckled one but the flower is very small so doesn't show it very well.  I have a lovely cerise pink one that has 3 flowers now so am going to take proper pics tomorrow.

Forester  If the skirting boards are dirty it's the OH fault, he cleans the kitchen 


Tracey - my skirting boards never get cleaned (only every ten years or so when I re-decorate.)

star gaze lily

Thank you Chicky will look it up.

Good luck with your new orchid Tracey, looks promising

Orchid Lady

LOL Forester, that's ok then  Love your sunset avatar by the way, love sunsets 


Just a quick shot of the bed outside our back door. 



It's a bit blurry. Pretty windy here today.










Some daffodils and spring like things. Leonard Messel is coming out.



So soul satisfying, BusyLizzie!  My Bellis perennis (from a freebie pkt of seeds ) are really putting on a good show with such big flowers.too.  Lots of the spring flowers have loved the rain and warmth we had in Bristol this winter.


This is part of the flower bed in my front garden.

 And this is my Hollyhock, it was in flower on Christmas Day.



Beautiful Lizzie - what is the plant with the tiny blue flowers?

Orchid Lady

Lonely pics Max, Lizzie and Donut......everything looks so pretty in spring, it's my favourite season 

Saw all the lovely piccies of Hellebores on this post so yesterday I bought two! 


Forester, that's a Brunnera. I have Brunnera Jack Frost too with lovely silvery leaves, but it's less advanced.


Thanks Lizzie -  I wondered if it was Brunnera.  I have just bought a Jack Frost but it is teeny weeny in a teeny weeny pot, so I am hoping it will grow as large as yours one day.



Lovely pictures Max, Lizzie and Mrs Donut. I love spring too

I had a brunnera but it seems to have been a winter casualty - mine was in a damp shady place - where are they happiest??


In damp shady places! Are you sure it's dead? Mine keep seeding themselves.


Well there is no sign of it - do all the leaves die off in winter?


I have a brunnera, it looked at first like a pile of old dead leaves but there has just started to be new growth shooting through, fingers crossed Chicky.


 My first daffs are out.