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Yesterday at 19:45

Hi Victoria Sponge and BizzieB and thanks for your welcome  I'm can tell I'm going to like being here and seeing all the great pictures, ideas and information.  I've already promised a neighbour some of the plants as she has recently moved in and is starting from scratch; I find it's a great incentive to ensure the plants have the very best of care.


Yesterday at 20:01

Welcome Ladybird, I saw the offer but really couldnt fit that many in but it seems like a great deal if you need to stock up.  Wintersong what fab piccies, love the daisies. Now Victoria re Hollyhocks how do you manage to keep them free of rust.   Mine are at the back of the border and each year I spray but cannot keep the rust away.  Im rearranging the border for next  year so Im hoping to leave a bit more space for them in the hope that having a bit of air circulating will help.  Any tips would be gratefully received. Bizzie that veg garden looks great, Ive never grown any but since being on the forum I must admit that Im starting to think it might be a good idea, the problem is I dont have space and I couldnt manage any sort of allotment.

Yesterday at 20:35

That's nice of you to give your plants away LadybirdB

Hi Yviestevie I don't keep the rust away, sorry I don't have any tips. All my 'hocks are covered with a sprinkling of rust and the slugs and snails have eaten the rest of the leaves. Most of them are obscured by other plants but I have more on the go in case I lose them altogether.

Wasn't it you who put a pic on of a lovely double pink? That looked perfect... 

Yesterday at 20:40

That one is not too bad Victoria but you should see the white one further along the fence its a disaster,  they were all new for this year.  I think Ill keep the pink but dig up the white,  Im growing some chaters salmon which should go in for next year then Im trying Antwerp for the year after I mentioned it on another thread I think, they are supposed to be rust resistant.  We'll see.

Today at 06:39

re @Beaus Mum...mine has been growing against the side of an arch for around 15yrs and yes its a good grower so I do have to knock it back a bit

Today at 07:33

Beautiful rose wintersong.

Lovely pics as always everyone.

Hi Ladybird pleased to meet you 

Today at 11:25

Not much gardening going on today, but here are some pictures.


Today at 11:57

Beautiful borders puncdoc  they appear to have survived and thrived in this hot weather. 

I particlurly like the asters with penstomons(?)and salvias, even 'going over' they look good.

Today at 12:11

The plants seem to be loving this weather.


Today at 13:03

Punk doc and muddy fork, such beautiful gardens, truly amazing, you have inspired me to get off line and get cracking! Well when I've finished my coffee 

Today at 13:08

Ooh I could get a coffee 

I was admiring punkdoc's red and yellow border and what I now assume are asters from bizzie's comment above.

Really like muddyfork's oenothera too. Mine are all unflowering tiddlers.  

Today at 13:13

I'll make you one Victoria 

Their borders are beautiful and very inspiring and bet you have no un flowering tiddlers! I know you're just being kind to make me feel better 

Today at 13:24

Erm, yes. That's what I was doing Beaus Mum...

Today at 13:32

Nice pics folks 

Today at 13:39

 Bless ya Victoria, I'll send you some cake to go with that coffee

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