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 A very gloomy day in the rain.




Last year we had a thread of photos of our gardens

Has anyone started one for this year? Here is one if you would all like. David has the camera thread, but he said we could post other photos there, this is for your own gardens.

Not much going on in February but there is proof of huge amount of rain and some snowdrops just starting.

Full wheelbarrow, rain.


I think it's done them all in the wrong order, again.




Lovely hellebore. Does it have a name?

Jess is in the Garden

Busy Lizzie, your garden is lovely but, in London, it's called a park, not a garden 


Good thread Lizzie, I'm sure our Camera thread can continue happily with themes & photo techniques. No reason why we can't post our 'best" pics on both & ask David and others for advice.

So here is a rather out of focus pic from me.

 My new tulip's that I didn't have room for in the garden.

star gaze lily

Busy, what beautiful garden and its huge!!




There is a paddock beyond the trees, then the forest. It's in Dordogne. This is it in summer, but some of you have already seen it.



Oh goody - i love the garden picture threads.  Glad you started one Lizzie.  Your garden is looking beautiful even now - look forward to seeing more.

will get snapping at the weekend

Wow Busy it simply beautiful.Oh well I can dream.

Busy said we can all go camp there whenever we like.  Thanks Busy.  (lovely garden )

Beautiful garden Lizzie, can just imagine it in summer

amazing,more than 10 times size of ours, i'd never leave it

Verdun wrote (see)

Busy said we can all go camp there whenever we like.  Thanks Busy.  (lovely garden )

I'm up for it-when can we come Busy? school girl French is a bit rusty though.




Lovely and secluded David. I'd spend even more time drinking tea if I had a nice little spot like that! 

Hope the boiler's working well today.



I saw that photo somewhere before, David, and wanted an arbour like it. Couldn't find one just like that round here so bought this for OH's birthday. It's a bit in the background. Bit of a gloomy day in September.



Daphne bholua 'Jacqueline Postill'.... about 4 years old, and first year I've had a decent number of flowers.... not for the impatient gardener but worth the wait...