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I get fed up of my garden hose getting tangled and is a nightmare to rewind onto the spool. Are the flexible garden hoses any good?

Hiya rosalind

The worst hose I ever had is the one I have now.  It kinks on every movement. I have just ordered a non kink conventional but better quality one.  Hopefully it will be much better.

The flat hoses and stretch ones are not great either.


We have a Hozelock one on a wind-up spool and don't have a problem with it - we must've had it over 10 years. 


I found that Hozelock have 3 different hoses,green,yellow and green/yellow. The green/yellow variety seems to be the best for not tangling or kinking,and obviously the most expensive, and always try to rewind on the spool whilst the hose is full and under pressure, then relieve pressure last.


Thanks for that and the tip about rewinding when still under pressure. Hopefully the air will not be blue anymore whilst watering my garden!!

Blue (language) and yellow ( hose) make green (garden)........oops!  I'll get my coat 

have you tried the x hose? I got mine after seeing an add on the telly, you can buy them at home base but do get the correct length, the are like elastic fabric, they don't kink and are super light weight, I'm in love with mine.


Mine just refused to obey me Krissy 2, I'll try swearing at it, it might work


don't wind your hose up in a circle, wind it up in a figure of 8. it'll not kink , either as you wind it, or , unwind it. Trust me.

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