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Hi guys / girls! I am starting a partial shaded and a little in deep shade grass garden, and am not sure as to what grass I should use. I am wanting tall grass for a little privacy on the outer edge and some medium grass on the inside. What would be the best way to go about this? Any help would be much appreciated

Most grasses require full sun to do well though some will cope with partial shade.   This one is tall and can take some shade - Carex forms are shorter and can also take some shade.

Have a look at other grasses on the RHS Plant selector site but you'll probably have to find something else for deep shade. 


I emailed Knoll gardens with planting conditions and they emailed me back a list of suitable grasses

There are replies on another similar thread Brendo....check it out 

Cool thanks for the advise it looks like I will have to re think a lot of it. This is such a good site can't believe I have only just discovered it thanks again

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