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Here is my latest!

 I thought that maybe someone would appreciate it out there


This was designed out of the blue by an apprentice pal, and I assumed she'd draw me a cat as I'm rather the cat lady, but she showed me this and I was so happy. I struggled with depression, and tried many things to keep my mind active and nothing worked as well as the first time I planted my violas, and I carried on going, I was so proud when I got my first watering can, I felt 'proper' and she must have picked up on that when she showed me this!

I have tulips tattooed on my face.  And an iris.  

.....I'll get my coat 


Verdun naughty step for you


Sweetpea as tattoos go that's a cracker,love the colours 


I don't understand Verdun's comment!!

When I was 14 Flower Power was at its height - I wanted to have purple butterflies tattooed on my head ..................... 


I've always been too much of a wimp to consider a tattoo. 

Hee hee hee hee   I am naughtee at times 


I once coloured my fringe with a dark green felt pen, I don't volunteer for needles, great until it rained and I had to explain to Mum what was on my school shirt.


Ow, no ones coming near me with a needle, unless it's to cure something worse!

Victoria Sponge

I like it It's nice to have a tat that's a bit different esp if it's been designed particularly for you.

My only garden related tattoo is a chain of grey flowers going over my shoulder and round the back of my neck. A tad melancholic perhaps.

As a middle-aged person though, I'll spare the forum a visual aid

Oh shhh VS I'm no supermodel! I have a rose on my other leg too. Your flowers sound lovely I'm too shy to have anyone go near my top half! Legs and arms are fine though!

Lovely when you are young to do things like that. Especially now that lasers can remove them. Any bunches of flowers tattooed onto my surface area would be very droopy indeed.


Orchid Lady

Very pretty Sweetpea, not a huge tattoo fan myself and I'm far too squeamish, but I do like that 

Victoria Sponge
David K wrote (see)

I always worry what they will look like when everything heads south.......the watering can (very pretty btw) may look like it's been in the crusher.

Ah, but you can't plan your whole life around being old... Don't worry us tattooed folk will live to regret it once surrounded by all the beautiful, untattooed pensioners

I don't intend on having anything lazered off thank you very much! if you think about placement then you needn't worry about sagging. Not that I care! When I'm old and I roll up my sleeves and show my artwork at least I'll always have something to talk about with my tattooed companions!

Nifty tattoo SweetPea, it would be a sad world if we all looked the same would'nt it