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Fairygirl yes but have you got any tatties to go with it.

WORK!!  Thats a dirty word!  Havent got time for it now anyway..... Im busily retired and doing fun things like gardening and playing carpet bowls and things. I used to be a Radiographer eons ago.  Seems that we have a lot of medics of one kind or another........


Yes and I was another one ! I was a consultant in Intensive Care medicine for 20 years until ill health forced me to take early retirement 2 years ago.

I have been doing some voluntary work, but I may need to find paid employment soon to pay the bills.

What I enjoy so much about my retirement is having the time to do nothing and not feeling guilty about it.


Maybe when we have taken care of people for a good number of years, taking care of plants and things to feed and delight people comes fairly naturally? 

The Manic Slughunter

I used to do night duty in the care homes...ill health has forced me to be at home now pottering in my greenhouse and garden...miss the 'work' so much never felt like a job to me but no chance of going back into the care sector so I tend my plants with lots of tlc



When you retire, how long does it take to switch off from your former profession?


I was a nurse too, but a long time ago as I was lucky having 4 children and husband wanted me to be a full time mother. Now I'm a grandmother of 6 with 2 more on the way.


I work for a power company, trying to work out how to keep the lights on in this country.  I will now duck, to avoid the abuse and insults that will inevitably be hurled my way.

mostly office based, which is why it is so important to me to be outside as much as i can in the evenings and weekends - and never been very good at sitting still, so gardening gives me the perfect excuse to be out there come rain or shine.

Chicky.............don't worry............if you like gardening, you must be a good person....even if you do work for a power company

I used to use soil warming cables to make propagators (insulated ) but that was a few years ago.  Are they still "energy efficient" or is there a better method which you would recommend ? 

Hope you have more "shine" than "rain"


Headstone restoration.

Hello all-this is only the second time I've posted, but I thought I would give it a go!! Catering Manager by trade, but a soon to be made redundant one, so looking forward to getting in my garden more. My son and daughter-in-law don't like gardening much, so we have turned part of their garden into a little 'allotment' which I have played with over the last couple of years. Had loads of whopping potatoes from it, so planning lots more this next year. As for switching off Tootles, I have trouble keeping my mind on my work already! I think that it must be because I know I won't be there for much longer-and I won't miss it.


Lyn, headstone restoration? We need to know more!

Tootles, I find it interesting that so many people were in the caring professions; that meant that they were on their feet all day; I have spent my life rushing up and down scaffolding towers and ladders (a friend once said 'you don't have a single comfortable chair in your home' and I said 'I don't know - I never sit in them, but they are all beautiful') I think what I am saying is that people who have physically active working lives, then want to keep active in retirement, hence gardening.

How long does it take to switch off from your former profession? For me, only semi-retired, I love my work and still cannot believe that people pay me to do what I love doing - painting, I hope I never switch off. Gardening is for me just like painting, but with plants. Even my passion for growing veg is largely because I have always loved the look of allotments, usually seen from a train, flashing past. Each plot is so different and speaks of the ambitions, desires, yearnings of each plot owner.

Well I think that's enough waffle


chick - as if we'd do that to you.....

Andy - I always have some tatties! Love my mash 

Lyn - I'm intrigued. Must be very intricate work, but satisfying  

No expert

Maintenence in a college. As we say here I work to live not live to work. My passion is my veg plot.

I know now where to come for my medicals.


Former primary school teacher - after 3 children now reinvented as a teacher' s assistant working with children that need emotional/behavioural support (not in the clasroom) and run a school gardening club - love it all!



Oops! Spelling mistake in my previous post - I hate that as a teacher!  

Steve J wrote (see)

My pic gives me away...

Male model 

Some photos of our job.

 This is the Baring Gould monuments before and after



Here is a marble one, (My speciality)


I am past retirement age but still do the odd few, it is a bit of a labour of love!. especially the marble ones where you have to be so careful because the stone is very soft, I use a toothbrush, toothpicks, anything tiny to get into the little creases around the flowers, takes several days to complete.

The best part about it is that I can sit in a churchyard, completely alone and peaceful, not many can do that in their workplace.


Those are amazing Lyn. What a great job and I bet families are very grateful.


Retired Monday mornings are great. Worked for a Dementia charity.