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Quality Controller for a furniture wholesaler, but wish i worked in horticulture or even outside!!!


Outdoor furniture perhaps !


Lyn those are beautiful. Seeing something like that, lovingly brought back to life is terrific and, as punkdoc said, families must be very grateful. 

art- you're the 21st century Gertrude Jekyll. She was a painter with plants 


I do interior design and sell furniture, carpets, curtains etc, but prefer being out doors.



Fairy g

Lyn, what a wonderful talent to have! I didn't know that marble could be restored like that.


Susan Giles

I am a proofreader and there's nothing better than sitting facing the back garden, so that whenever your eyes need a break you can look out at the garden and the birds buzzing backwards and forwards across the garden...lovely!

Disspirited accountant.....boring....., salesman...loved that.... and charity organiser that order.  Sold everything from insurance, to fire extinguishers, to home products. As a charity organiser I did everything from sponsorships to recruitment to publicity, to accounting, to etc.    

Would go into horticulture if I started again.  In my day it wasn't  a proper career to pursue.  hated it when young.  Love it now.


Same here Verdun. Not the previous jobs but the horticulture

Orchid Lady
I sell lots of lovely food and I do enjoy my job, lots of driving around the UK but I don't mind as long as the radio is good
No expert

I got the chance to go to Horticulture college at 16 but bright people told me to finish my exams first. Never got the opportunity again. Would never tell my two anything like that, go with your dreams, if they turn to nightmares who cares try something else.


No expert  I also got some 'great advice' in my teens.

I've worked in registration (births,deaths,marriages) for years. I've also fitted in teaching pre-school gym and working as a teaching assistant. Although I have a garden,my newly acquired allotment is my haven. Could be miles from anywhere,just me, the birds and lots of new veg to try and grow.


I run a team of technicians and IT professionals in a large university department. Gardening is my way of getting away from all of the modern technology and satisfying my inner Luddite who lives (just) below the surface!


NASA test pilot.... off to Mars soon....


...when down to Earth... I work in Retail....



I'm just reading David Dickinsons autobiography. Before he became an antiques dealer, he sold fancy fabric to tailors - quite random. He's had a really interesting life. I love learning about what folk do. i wonder if we have any famous folk on here, or any widwifes? Hands up if you watched Call the Midwife last night and didn't shed a tear?! My grandad was a saw doctor. I think my dream job would be Chief Rolo Taster!

I knew you were a brain box Bob so not surprised 

Hiya Mike.  Good to read your post.  Great respect to you. 

I feel quite inadequate now......but I'm a Cornishman so one of gods chosen ones 

Susan Giles

Based on the amount of rain your area of the world is currently getting, I'm pretty grateful Essex is not similarly chosen by the Gods Verdun!! 

Tootles my wife is a midwife has been for 28 years and loves her job and we can't go anywhere that someone who's baby she has seen comes up and talks to her that's nice to see.

What a lovely interesting thread. I feel privileged in knowing a bit about yourself and having you as friends.

Me too a nurse! Trained and worked in London teaching hospitals and posh private ones as surgical nurse. Moved to Surrey 18yrs ago for a better life and fresh air, well actually a garden!  Still nursing, in a secure establishment now, always interested in high profile cases. Love my work, enjoy helping people who have lost their way in life. However looking forward to early retirement end of the yr to pursue my passion for gardening.

Married to an accountant-who loves figures and me can't even add up! Gardening budget is always overspent-a bit like the NHS. LOL