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Unfortunately I was never much use for people who were just a bit "poorly". Fortunately very few people ever need the services of Intensive Care and for anything else I was no use. There is a saying that goes; you know more and more, about less and less, until, you know everything about nothing. This was about eight for me.

I thoroughly enjoyed medicine for the first 20 years, then hated it for the next 10. Whether it was hating it that made me ill, or, becoming ill made me hate it, I will never know.

Early retirement has been brilliant in some respects; I dont miss the job, but, I do miss the the people. I now have lots of time to do anything or nothing. I can thoroughly recommend concentrated navel gazing.

Punkdoc I'm sure you were totally brilliant at your job and gave everything- sadly the profession wants even more and I know just how you feel as it takes everything out of you. I'm in total admiration for ITU staff, a lot of my friends are in that field not for me - far too technical for my liking.

My in laws-both retired medics-paediatrician and chest physician thank God my husband had the sense not to follow in their footsteps. None of my family are or will be nurses-one is enough!

I'm looking forward to retiring and intend NEVER to work but like you will miss my mates.

Punkdoc, but just remember the many you helped recover from dire circumstances. Not many of us can say that 

Lawnmower Chris
Weyplotter wrote (see)

Chris-still practising my bedside manner 3 x a week, laying my healing hands, wiping the fevered brows etc. However when off duty- I'm afraid its 'self service' in my household!! LOL



Lawnmower Chris
nutcutlet wrote (see)
I was a psychiatric nurse Chris. Will that be useful?


Not sure, you'll have to ask the wife her opinion of me. 


Lawnmower Chris
punkdoc wrote (see)

I don't miss the job, but, I do miss the the people. I now have lots of time to do anything or nothing. I can thoroughly recommend concentrated navel gazing.

I'm sure you did a fab job punkdoc.

Love the idea of continually checking my naval for 'fluff' once I'm retired. Hope to fill a small pillow by the time I'm 70 

Steve the Gardening Vet

There are loads of nurses on here, I seem to be the only doggy doctor.

Doggy not dodgy!


Glad to hear you're not dodgy Steve. Just dogs or any other animals?

Steve- As a pet Dr would you by any chance have anything I could use to put my dear friends the moles to sleep?!! As a Veggie I couldn't possible shoot them.


We won't hold it against you David!  



Lawnmower Chris, what do you guys do in this awful weather?


Dear Weyplotter - if you were able to put your moles to sleep, and I don't think that is a possiblity in all honesty - as nature abhors a vacuum, all that would happen is that more would enter your plot.  Try some of the sound producing ideas that seem to work quite well, just remember that moles are as entitled to a place on the planet as much as we are - probably more in that they may have been here first!

Just watch them if you get the chance, the 'gentleman in velvet' really is a most fascinating animal.



Bookertoo, just wish that moles would stay in the paddock, not the garden. They make tunnels under the plants leaving the roots dangling in space and then they die of drought.


Don't get me wrong Bookertoo I'm sure they're adorable creatures just not keen on them being in my garden.

Lawnmower Chris

Hi 'gg', a good set of waterproofs help!

It's amazing what you can find to do in peoples gardens, clearing/repairing sheds, tidying/repairing greenhouses & general tidying up. When it's not raining as much I'll offer jet washing.

Only snow has prevented me from 'gardening', although I've cleared snow from some OAP customers so they could get their dial-a-ride or taxi's.

So glad I don't work in the SW of Eng or the Pennines, it always seems to rain in these parts.


Dont apologise Mike, other peoples ramblings, hopes and dreams are very interesting. They make me think about I made various decisions in my own life and the special moments in my own career.


I always wanted to be an astronomer and found Patrick Moore an inspiration, RIP.  Unfortunately I was rather immature in my youth (and perhaps still am!) and discovered motorcycles, alcohol and the opposite sex (not necessarily in that order!) when I should have been concentrating on my A levels.  I caught up later on my education but was already in a job by then and never had the courage (or any encouragement) to jack the job in and go back to university to study the subject.  Still, I do now have telescopes and an observatory in my garden and with over 40,000 amateur astronomers in the UK it's a thriving community, as is the gardening one I love so much.