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Bob, that's really quite sad. Funny how so many people's lives have 'what ifs' and 'if onlys' isn't it?  How many of us would go back and change things we did earlier in our lives I wonder, and would be any happier? Perhaps not. Sometimes things happen by accident not design. 


I wonder how much of it is a "grass is allways greener" type of thing. I now say that I wish a hadnt become a doctor, but I am not sure what I would have done otherwise, and medicine did provide a very interesting career for many years. On a more vulgar, but no less true note, I would not now have my large lovely garden on the edge of the moors without it.


Every cloud doc eh? 


If I had been a doctor instead of a nurse I wouldn't have met my first husband (RIP) and had my 4 children and 6 grandchildren. My father wouldn't let me go to a school that wasn't Catholic so I couldn't do A levels as I would have had to go to a private boarding school which was too expensive and I didn't want to board anyway. I wanted to go to the local 6th form college. So no University, but I did get a diploma that the London hospitals accepted as an A level equivalent for nursing.


My farming parents wouldn't let me go to Art School - "Goodness knows who you'll meet there!" they said.  So I went to secretarial college and married young - sadly he and I had nothing in common and eventually the marriage foundered - but along the way I'd had two lovely children.  I then took myself off to Art School, did my BA and Masters and met OH (so Ma was right, 'goodness knows who you'll meet ) and we're all living happily ever after 




I have to say - my story is slightly similar. If I hadn't dug my heels in because my parents were dismissive of me working with horses, I wouldn't have met my ex husband and had my two girls. I have a lot to grateful for 

I tell them to follow their dreams, and don't be afraid of being different either.


I think that one of the really good things about the next generation is that they are much more inclined to do what they want and are much less influenced by external pressure.

Sadly the downside they faced is that they will never be able to afford a house and will have to work till they are 100 to get a pension.


pd - sad isn't it. Well, it is for me - I'll have to put up with my two for years at this rate! Every time they leave the house I think of changing the locks so they can't get back in....

Oh well, I can dream....


I enjoyed my nursing career for some years, especially the psychiatric part. I wouldn't have met OH, also a nurse, without that. But, with hindsight, a change of direction after the kids were born would have been good. 

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