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When I read the title I thought it would be about the noise my bones make after all these years of toil in the garden.  Now that's what I call Gardeners Click!


Thanks Bob - given me the best laugh today & a different perspective on gardening ! went into liquidation and had to shut down.  I am one of the people responsible for trying to sell it on to an interested party.  If there is anyone out there that has an interest we can be contacted on 020 3195 1406 Williams and Partners ltd (Insolvency Agents)  ask for Karen for more information.

How can a website go into liquidation? There aren't any assets to pay off creditors. If a website doesn't make any money, it isn't worth buying. Opening a forum is a much cheaper option.


Hi Whitehound, its the company that owned Gardenersclick ( The Growing Club Ltd ) that went into liquidation.

Hi Karen, I really do hope that the site can be sold on as we really do need this fantastic site back out there and may I myself thank you yourself for trying to sell the site on, please don't give up in doing this!! I know I myself would have bought it if I could but just impossible. I am along with other members longing to see this site back, there is nothing out there that even comes close to Gardeners Click.

Keep the good work up Karen and thank you.




Karen, just to add, would you please keep me informed of anything that may happen with the site returning, I can send you my private email add if you wish? Thanks.


Excuse me if I am misunderstanding this, but there is now a Web site called Gardenclickers which  is almost exactly the same set up as the old Gardeners Click site.



That's true - there are some of the gardeners from the old site on there.  Only a small number at the moment but hopefully grows


I've just looked at the site Berghill mentioned and it seems quite interesting, but I'm having enough trouble keeping up with this one. I'll be spending the whole day on the computer keeping up with two and anyway, I've gotten used to you all and am sure if I have a problem I'll get sufficient answers on here.

There are about 100 of the old clickers on the site

Have to agree with Whitehound, what would the website be worth? - very little I would think.

With about 150 previous members of Gardenersclick now involved at including many of our own experts, and a good cross-section of the membership who gave the old site its own distinctive flavour - its an option well worth considering.  We love poking our noses over the fence onto your garden or plot, will do our best to help you deal with any current difficulties, and the cameraderie is unbeatable.


Gardenclickers is ok if you are a Veg Grower or an Allotment Holder then it will suit you fine, not much interest if you talk about anything else about Gardening which is a real shame because there is a lot more to Gardening than Veg Growing a lot lot more, and more interesting, which was all there on Gardenersclick. Nothing at all will replace that site and that is why I keep up with what is going on about it and I also work as much as I can in the hope that it will be back some day or in some other kind of form, and I still think it will be back, it was just a fantastic site and would be a real shame just to throw it all away.

Still don't understand how selling it would help, who could possibly want to buy it. If it went down the pan it wasn't making money so a very bad investment. You can buy a domain name for very little money. It is the running of it that costs.


Big Gees Lottie

I know this thread is a bit dated, but what prompted me to find it was a post that one of the members in my Gardeners Chat-Shed FORUM put on one of the boards, inviting any "lost sheep" from the old GC site to come over for a chat.

Some of you may remember that the Gardeners Chat-Shed went live shortly before the GC collapse. Some found their way to us & have been with us ever since.

If you want to re-engage with some of your old gardening chums, you're welcome to pop in ALL WELCOME! I'm pretty sure you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Incidentally Gray (who has posted on here) has joined our ranks and posts quite regularly in the 'Shed'. Sadly, I don't think the link to the site that Gray refers to in his post above is live anymore either, which gives you even more reason to pop over.

Catch up with you there soon I hope!



Yes is a very good site to go to where some ex members of Gardenersclick are, and Star ( ex member ) has set up a section in the Main Forum Message Boards - Flowers & Other Pretty Things for ex Gardenersclick members.

I myself will still not give up on coming back live one day.

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