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28/09/2012 at 21:38

Hi guys ,have not been on for  a while...hope all is  well .Does anyone knows what has happen to Gardeners Click. Have not been on for a while ,when I went on or try to get ,the web site is no longer on...Just wounder if anyone that was on that sight is on there..?

30/09/2012 at 16:13

hi strawberry.i was on that site also thay were having problems with spamers. the admi staff could not help. it was a very good site to exchang ideas .and all  sorts  but i would like any other users of the site to give me and you any idea what happend. regards mary

30/09/2012 at 20:46

As far as I am aware, they ran out of money and the backer pulled the plug

30/09/2012 at 21:10

Ok ,that's some news ... I did like that site .Hope we can be friends on this site as well. I am Vashte by the way.

01/10/2012 at 18:46

hi vashte. this is a very good site allso.ther is other sites that i go oN .uk that likethis is very informative.regards  mary

01/10/2012 at 19:51

Hi dear friends , I heard on BBC r 2 today on the Mr Vine show that the gardening guy that does the gardening live on R2 has cancer...But there was no mention of the web site.

I will have a look at the other site Mary .thanks for the info. God bless.

11/10/2012 at 16:38

hi i used to have a Tomato grwers club on there and just went to go on to tell the members I have started one up on facebook to find it was no longer there anyway for anyone interested here is the link for it

11/10/2012 at 19:42

I used to be on GC too.I read an article by Chris Beardshaw who said he'd severed all links with the site 2 yrs ago because of an unrealistic business plan. The site has now closed.

21/10/2012 at 10:03

Gardeners Click was a good website with some great participants and I had some lovely connections with gardeners up and down the country - its a real shame - Is no one going to take it over?

21/10/2012 at 12:35

hi daffy.i wish some one would.the feedbak was very good instent. on the days jobs the feedbak the piks that the gardeners sent in on the 2 sites that i use now are very good .the contrabuters seem to be very distent..can any one start a facebook or twitter page upfivespuds got the tom page can this be expanded on ?arwell we may see it come bak younever no regards mary

22/10/2012 at 16:01

I think that this site will be back sometime, has it was or in some new form. It was the best site out there ever and Fish in a Bottle made a fanstastic job of it and it was The Growing Club Ltd who owned it that let the members down, I had been a member since it came out.

We live in hope

22/10/2012 at 20:58

Hi guys,I must say I really miss my friends on GC and the way we use talk to each other.I loved my friends there and all they had to share.I think it was just the way the site was layed out and the info we all had to give .

I have cleaned the green house today and from the morning all my plants are going to bed.It would take us about 3 days to put it all in .It's getting cold this weekend.Just as the devil comes out

22/10/2012 at 23:27

Oh my goodness.  I've just discovered that Gardeners Click has gone.  I only used it sporadically but it was great fun and the users were so helpful when you had a question etc.   Very sad.  I do hope it comes back.

23/10/2012 at 01:06

Hi, I have a site at the moment some of the GC members are there and another site where most of them are there is

They are not the same and its not home as to say, but you may find who you are looking for. I can't remember you Strewberry or you Nerdy.

Did'nt do anything on Monday it was too wet and dank, hope today might be better as I want to get the Lawns cut.

25/10/2012 at 09:34

There are now just over 90 old and new Clickers on everyone welcome!!

Well done Gray! 

25/10/2012 at 10:46

I have already put it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25/10/2012 at 10:56

Yes, Gray, I know! I was just saying thank you! 

26/10/2012 at 20:52

Thanks for leting me know about the site... I on now ........ Thank you.

07/01/2013 at 00:52

Great gardening advice now available at Everyone welcome 

30/01/2013 at 11:21

Some of Old Friends found on Gardenclickers, to add to the knowledge base that's here as well.

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