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Just a light hearted thread, what have you been told over the years that stuck in your mind or made you smile?

My Dad told the story about a vicar leaning over the garden fence and saying what a wonderful job God & man did in a garden. The old chap replied Tha should have seen it when God looked after it his sen ! ( self for non Yorks folk.) Always makes me smile.


"A garden is never so good as it will be next year."

When I look at my garden I always imagine what it will be like (hopefully!) so even when there's just earth in winter I'm always looking forward.


Spend as much money on the hole as on the plant.

When we always say...(when someone's looking at the garden)..."you should have seen it last week"

Nice thread KEF


The smaller the plant the smaller the shock.  A pearl of wisdom from a smallholder about his plant transplanting ethos - not lighthearded, but he made me smile



Ne'er cast a cloot till May be oot. I go by that saying for tender plants


God made rain so gardeners could get housework done.

Found it, not mine!!


"Plants cant read". This refers to not necessarily following the advice given on the labels on plants in GCs. Something that says full sun in well drained soil may grow well in semi-shade in a bog. If you grow  your own from seed it is often worth taking a chance. You may get brilliant results. The lupins that flower best in my garden are those in a boggy bed.

We had a large garden that fed us the animals and extended family.
Dad a keen gardener would say as he planted or cast seed in regimental rows rotated year by year, "A row for the beasties, a row for the animals and a row for us with a spare", we never went hungry.



"When you hear the cuckoo shout,

tis time to plant your tatties out"

Not sure where this originated ,but have known it for years.

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