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Gardeners who love their feline friends

no idea if one exists already, but a thread for those that do appreciate their mogs.

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I suppose I am a mad cat lady. It's a well documented dream of mine, which I tell the OH of often, is to have a cat proofed haven of a garden, where my cats can mill around me while I weed, or lounge on the perfectly kept lawn sunning themselves. For now though, my cats stay inside for my garden, is not in my opinion, at all safe for cats. It's a front garden which faces onto a road. It's a fairly nondescript residential road, very narrow, which can get pretty busy come rushhour. there's also a pub next door but one, and another pub a few more houses down. I'm not selling it, it's a nice area where I can have a greenhouse in the garden without fearing it will get stolen, and leave my bike unchained and it's still here (touch wood) anyway, I digress, for the road and pub issue - I wouldn't like them to meet a drunk cat hater for instance, or lover for that matter - they stay in and live a life of luxury. However today a cat stayed in my garden all day. A lovely black thing, she was nervous of me approaching her, and she wouldn't let me touch her, but she'd talk to me, i'd talk back while staking my 'peas, and she'd lie in the border sunning herself.


I really did enjoy the company of her being there, I must admit it made me feel less bonkers as I do quite enjoy talking to myself and the plants while I pot them too...


Does anyone else garden with their feline friend? You hear so much of those who work with their canine friend but less so of cats.

The poor thing is still outside now in our bush, I believe she is owned by someone across the road, there's a lot of black cats around here though, it's hard to tell!

flowering rose

I love cats as much as my garden and they do very little damage to anything.The pond I protect with dead pyracanthia and not even my husband will touch it and the bird food is above and out of their reach .I have to say they that they catch the rats and often sit staring and waiting to pounce on it.Also very good company alas my cat died some years ago but visiting cats and animals are welcome .


sorry to hear about your cat Flowering Rose, I lost my dog that I'd had since I was 8 years old a week today. I moved out from home two years ago now, but it still threw me. They're such important family members are pets.

Green Fingered Mikey

I do love my Cat but she does drive me mad when she insists on doing her number twos in my flower boarders


Green Fingered Mikey

lol philippa i have now resolved to putting cocktail sticks all over the boarder with ends just sticking out and it works cats all ways pat the ground before they do there business so my poor suzzie gets a little prick if she tries to desecrate my boarders


I love my cat as well He is more like a dog than a cat, I say to him, I am off to the greenhouse and he is there before me, he sits on the step and waits, then follows me back. He is always wherever I am.  I do have to net all the veg plot, he loves a dig in there!.

When I come in, he comes in too.




I have two, a tortie and a ginger one and wouldn't be without them, despite the ginger one being as mad as a box of frogs! Lynn, I think our cats look so alike! They don't seem to do too much damage to the garden, fortunately 



I have four! Two that wouldn't even think about coming outside with me, one that wouldn't stick around if she did, and one older male, who I think would quite like to potter with me one day, if ever I am lucky enough to move house to somewhere safer... And now you're posting photos, I just feel obliged to share mine






 Taylor, my little old wonky man.

Fond memories of our lovely black and white manx kitten last summer.  Unfortunately he got run over just before Christmas.  He was SO funny to be with in the garden.  I used to be pulling ivy out, around trees and thinking "this one is a tough one" only to find the kitten on the other end of the ivy!  Also, I made the mistake of giving him an old dead bulb to play with and then blow me if he whacked every bulb I put in the soil with his lovely little white socked paws.  I do love cats and they are great company.


Tom really wanted a lap but settled for second best.



Love my boys! Floyd is just daft & fetches me in leaves. Hendrix is more "spirited" and is very nosey! His favourite spot in the garden is usually where he shouldn't be, like curled up for a snooze on top of my plastic greenhouse, or inside it! They both love lying under the acers watching the bird feeders... I'm sure the robin torments them.

And as for that nonsense that cats don't toilet in their own territory? I can assure you they do!


Bex............can't all be nonsense............cats may well crap in their own territory......hopefully yours do...............but there's also a heck of a lot of them that crap in other people's gardens too

Love my tortie cat to bits too but appreciate she's probably a bit of a pain for my neighbours who love having birds visiting their gardens. She's always around when I'm gardening - seems to have a sixth sense when I'll be out as she always comes back from hunting to keep me company!

Loving the cat pics and sorry to hear of those cats who were loved and lost.


Green Fingered Mikey

I finally got picture of our Suzzie yesterday she is now 20 and fit as fiddle



Scott Edwards

We have a cat that has adopted us. He is currently asleep on the end of the bed whilst I'm watching the snooker and typing on here. Who says men can't multi task when they want to. Milo loves wondering around the churchyard and often turns up to see what's happening when I have a funeral service or a wedding. Loves to stand in the way when I'm hoeing the borders.


Our wonderful tabby girl called Mallory is always a great companion and regularly sleeps the hours away in the garden, or flat out on the bench in the poly tunnel - the picture of her amongst some newly purchased plants


Here is Tiny, 19 years old and a very clingy cat, always has to be with me.


Mark 499

 This is Ruby, got her from the Blue Cross 4 weeks ago.


Love this thread! What stylish kitties we have! Our four legged feline friends give such joy to so many, especially in the garden. Here is my best pal, Mr Pete. He has a purr like a tractor and is my constant companion. Big hip hip hooray for cat loving gardeners!!