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The height of the gardening season and no programme for four weeks - it's outrageous! Really BBC all we are asking for is 30 minutes. Do they simply not realise that some of us have no interest in the Olympics or endless tennis matches!


If it is not back until July 20 then we will not be getting any coverage of the Hampton Court show which is next week.  Seems unusual.

Green Magpie

Well, for what it's worth I have now made an official complaint via the BBC website. The only alternative to this seems to be to enter into a debate with other Points of View Forum members, which is rather missing the point.

I ticked the box saying yes, I'd like a reply, so I will report back here if I get one.


seaside oldie

Completely agree with everyone, I shall be complaining to the BBC again (this is my third time about the same subject) and defecting to ITV for Alan Titsmarsh, the BBC seem to cater to children, soap fans, sports fans, repeat fans, ANy fan apart from a gardening one!

Gary Hobson

Don't forget way the BBC dumped their gardening forum. Although that upset a lot of people at the time, we had the last laugh, and most of us ended up here, which is a much better run forum. I'm all for competition. The BBC is just too complacent.



I hadn't thought of missing Hampton Court...Tatton's on 20th July 8pm before GW...thats a real shame, I really look forward to seeing the expert show gardens and trying a bit in mine. I wonder whether anyone from GW or BBC are actually reading any of our comments? hello...anyone out there..........


PS...Beechgrove are only off air for 2 weeks


If they have to make room for endless boring sport, why can't they put GW on BBC3 or BBC4,  or better still put all the sport on there, at least Alan Titchmarsh starts on ITV on Tuesday. Come on BBC start listening to what people are saying. 

Glad to hear Green Magpie you have made an official complaint, I went on the points of view website and thought the same, please let us know if you hear anything. As a gardeners wife I know how much the garden means to my husband, especially been out there and of course watching Gardeners world so I think based on this forum its a good guage of how popular the programme.  Ironically instead of listening to Sport presenters chat for half and hour before a match or after a sports event - why not just fit us GW in - call it an ad break of sorts!!! I don't mind sport but be nice to have a fair balance, 30 mins is all we are asking!


I think that the more people who grumble to Points of View, then the BBc will know how we all feel. I agree with gardeners wife that we did not need to talk for 45 mins before the match that was then on till nearly 11. GW would have fitted into that slot nicely!


I've also made on officical complaint to the BBC with little hope of an outcome. Bad enough we had the time cut from 1 hour! I would have thought there are enough interested gardeners to warrant a programme weekly throughout the year. I will try the points of view web site as suggested above also.

I appreciate there is a new gardening programme starting on ITV but think the BBC runs the risk of losing viewers by taking GW off for 4 weeks especially as I think Alan T is a very popular presenter.  This is the height of the gardening season and, as already mentioned, gardening is the major hobby in the UK so the BBC is really letting its viewers down by not re-scheduling this long running programme.  I also have just joined to air my opinion.

Husband and I sat down to Love Your Garden tonight.. not overly impressed... more like a makeover show this time round rather than anything relevant to this time of year, what a shame! Glad frensclan has made a stand, can you remind me of the link someone so I can add my name to it. Happy Gardening everyone, shame about the hayfever though! 

Paul N

Why the surpise and disappointment. The Beeb does it every year so I've come to expect it. Complain all you like, I don't believe it will make a happerth of difference. 

And as for 'Love your Garden', it was simply a remake of 'Ground Force', same formula. I couldn't help wondering what roll the lady's husband played in all this. I believe she was married, wasn't she? It was only a tiny garden and I couldn't work out why he couldn't have done what the small army of workers did, only not in two days (obviously).

Paul N

Why the surprise and disappointment. The Beeb does it every year so I've come to expect it. Complain all you like, I don't believe it will make a happerth of difference. 

And as for 'Love your Garden', it was simply a remake of 'Ground Force', same formula. I couldn't help wondering what role the lady's husband played in all this. I believe she was married, wasn't she? It was only a tiny garden and I couldn't work out why he couldn't have done what the small army of workers did, only not in two days (obviously).


I agree Paul N, it is the same every year, and as for Love your Garden, yes, a remake of Ground Force. The lady was married and I thought the same about the hubby. Maybe tho with all the chemo etc he has had a lot extra to do in the house and look after the boy.
Rob Stevens

I thought the same, Groundforce remake - thowing money at a neglected plot is not gardening!


So often this country is referred to as 'a nation of gardeners' and there's many an article alluding to the massive growth of the 'gardening industry' in the UK over the past 15 years or so.  One of the reasons I single out Gardener's World as more traditional to watch and enjoy is that the presenters aren't trying to introduce you to or  entice you to buy a £3,000 arty twisted metal bench, or a £10,000 sperical sculpture or something.  All these things have their place of course and I'm sure if I had a large garden and loads of money to spare for pleasure, then I'd likely be interested in some of these things.  But Gardener's World sticks to gardening, is completely relaxing to watch and doesn't appear to be commercially/sponsor driven.  I don't know if this is anything to do with the fact it's the Beeb, but I wonder if the production budgets and time-allocation suffers because of no obvious sponsor funding.  Maybe it is sponsored - I don't know anything about who funds the programme.  Very little survives these days without heavy corporate or commercial input but I'd bet that if some huge corporation felt they would gain from exposure via the programme, then you'd get an hour once a week with little problem.  Does the Beeb remain advertising/sponsor free still?

If there was a trough of financial investment from some credible horticulture source, (or some funding source) a much expanded Gardener's World programme would be ideally placed to be both unique and massively popular.  Monty Don's gardens around the world programmes, the programme of a year at Carol Klein's Cottage - were excellently produced programmes with huge appeal.  Gardener's World has quality in it's current presenters and the Beeb ought to be -  (hate this phrase but I'm going to use it) - gagging for a longer programme.  Maybe the presenters have filled diaries of other personal and commercial commitments of course.  BUT - if they increased the programme to one hour, tweeked the content a little to really show off the talents and knowledge of the presenters who really are second to none when seen on their individual projects - it ought to be one of the number 1 rated programmes for popularity.

But - there's something missing that we're not quite grasping in this.  There has to be a reason why it's kept to 30 minutes and why it is so easily cast aside when more audience preferred (apparently) type programmes are shown.  Whilst we think gardening is on the up and up - maybe viewing figures reflect the opposite? What's the story BBC?  I wonder if it's the kind of programme the cable channels are interested in. 

Beats me.  There's a black hole in the understanding of only 30 minutes for a niche programme which ought to be an absolute winner for an hour's programming at least a week.  Two programmes a week even better - and even if it were in the Winter months when surely it could have a good regular cheer everybody up spot when there is so much dark nights depressing Americana and drivel on tv.


It's certainly true that if you were trying to find a way to downgrade and ultimately get rid of a programme you would make broadcasts intermittent and inconsistent, so that people would lose patience and just give up on it. That way the viewing figures would decline and you could then give it the chop and claim that any protests were only from a small and unrepresentative minority.

Gary Hobson

I found last nights alternative offering from ITV, Love Your Garden, entertaining.

I agree that the Ground Force instant makeover, creating an entire garden with fully grown plants, at huge expense, is unrealistic, and has little to do with real gardening. But that's also true of Chelsea - Chelsea is Ground Force on a grand scale. Chelsea is even more artificial, because the whole thing is then dismantled.

There were some flaws in the program - that garden needed some drainage; 3 lettuces won't feed a family for very long; and the open-air lounge and dining area were inappropriate in our climate. But the progam covered some useful and innovative ideas that people could use.

I don't think that gardening programs need to be botany lectures. If I want to find out some detail about a plant, I go to a book, or look it up on the web. I'm not a dummy waiting to be spoon-fed by the BBC.

Love Your Garden is funded commercially but there was no hard sell. I have no objection to being sold stuff, if it's useful. That's the only reason I visit my garden centre - to buy stuff.

I also liked the sub-text - that gardens are theraputic. It was an entertaining story, well told, with a few inspirational and educational ideas thrown in.