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Never been and thinking of going for my birthday treat. Shall I go one day or 2. Are there any better days to go??? Is if worth a day trip or a stay over and a day to see and a day to buy the things that catch your eye.

any advice or thoughts most welcome. Thanks 

Hiya Red, been there for the last three years running and loved it every year, will be no different this year, however, don't think there's enough to string it out for two days, but it's certainly a good few hours! There is lots to buy there,mall at discounted prices, last year I managed to spend my £150 budget like that. Go on the last day,because some   things are discounted even further 

See we were wondering about an overnight stay to get there early and make the most but valuable knowledge. Can you still see show gardens on last day. I got perplexed by which ticket to buy!!!!  Are the crowds dire or can you see stuff without being bashed and getting your new acquisitions damaged?

Well I'm from Brighton and me and mum get up fairly early, say 7, car by 7:45 and there by 11:30, then leave around 6 and we seem to get everything done. Not quite sure where you are (sorry never heard of your place ) , but it may be worth it, but bare in kind all of the hotels are expensive! Yes show gardens are there on the last day, and there's talks about the show gardens too. Also, go and see someone live from the gardeners world team, last year I saw monty don, year before carol klein (and also got my book signed by her!!! ) and year before joe swift, this year, dairmuid gavin. Not going to lie, it's very busy and it can get a bit ugly, but none of my things have ever got damaged, we bought these cute little fold away trolley things for £12 I think it was and they're brill, everyone has them.

We are about an hour and a half away, just I'm not a great traveller to then jostle with people. Besides I did think about eking out my birthday treat... Naughty I know!!!


I always take a Kwells, for any journey over and hour, they seem to work better than any other I've tried.  And it's naughty, but must be done! 

The people there are generally friendly and usually lunchtime is the busiest. Especially after lunch seems to be quieter, people start going home are 2:30. And you've got to remember most people are gardeners, and were generally a nice lot, although, I have been known to have a short fuse with people who physically bump into me there. 

May just have to insist I drive then I'm ok!! Seems I will give Sunday a go. I don't want to give myself a budget as I will spend it. I only have a small garden but I really want to go!!!

You really NEED to go aswell, it's amazing! Nearly as good as Chelsea, which I also go to every year, apart from last 

They have a lot of space-saving ideas there on show and for sale, I bought a 15 seed tray rack on three shelves and very compact for £55 incl delivery, bargain! 

That's my worry! I won't be able to stop myself!!! 


We went to GWL for several years running, and loved it. We arrived at 9 a.m. just as it was opening and stayed till it closed.  We took a packed lunch and had a wonderful time.  You can buy as you go around, putting things in the 'creche' , and collecting larger things afterwards.

I stopped going when it got combined with the Good Food Show, it was then too big and too many people for me,  but that is a personal response only. 

It is very easy to buy more than you can use, but once in a while that is fun!  Take plenty of water or whatever you like to drink as it gets very hot, even on wet days. It takes us about 2 hours to get there, but always wanted to come home as sleeping in my own bed outweighed anything else, and we didn't have to try and keep plants and things happy in the car overnight, then load and unload them when tired the next day.  I was usually washed up for a day or two afterwards, but it was worth it.  

Now I am a good few years older I tend to give it a miss, I may try Malvern again this year. that's a great show too. 

Hi Red, although a little indulgent I would thoroughly recommend booking VIP tickets if it's your birthday.  I did it last year as a birthday treat for my wife and whilst not exactly value for money you do get private use of a coffee lounge with coffee, cakes and somewhere to sit in comfort available all day, plus a separate cloakroom and a little goodie bag....... You also get a welcoming glass of bubbly - it is your birthday after all

By the way, parking can be rather distant from the halls themselves leading to quite long queues for the transit buses.  The buses are good but keep an eye out for the taxis that shuttle back and forth, they charge about £6 but will happily take 4 or 5 people at a time, so for about a pound you get whisked away from the queues and dropped right at the door.  It's an even better option on the way back when your feet are killing you and your arms are burdened with your purchases!

As for staying overnight, we didn't, just got there reasonably early.  If you can do that, then one full day is probably sufficient but that would obviously depend on how long you like to spend looking at specimen plants, displays, etc...


I'm getting excited thinkjng about it. I never thought about the parking etc. I have to admit I find it frustrating when your feet hurt and your tired. I will look at the cost of VIP, but suppose it depends if the extra could buy me something special for my garden! 

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