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denise butcher

who was dissappointed with this show this year???


Oh hello again .... hope you've had a good spring and summer 

I didn't go to the show but posts at the time revealed it to be what I would expect, a marketing opportunity for businesses involved in garden design etc.  That's what pays the bills.  There's no money to be made in proper gardening at a show like that. 

denise butcher

It was awful, I have been every year for the last 8 and have always loved it, but like you say this year was a marketing ploy and hardly any plants to purchase...will never go again, hope your well and enjoyed the seaon so far x



We've been in a recession - gardening will be one of the last businessess to rally - it won't happen until property prices really pick up properly - if they ever do.  

Stacey Docherty

 Denise I was gonna go next year..... Strike it off and go to west dean chilli fiesta instead me thinks......


denise butcher

It was the traders and stall hoders I felt sorry for, all the ones I spoke to were complaining about the ever increasing rent thay had to pay....and they wernt breaking even any longer...this is why there were far fewer stalls and plants for sale, so sad as it was an event I really looked forward to every year. Stacey your doing the right thing believe me! x


Did,nt go this year,but have been in the past and always had a great day out,looks like best to avoid at the moment,perhaps it will improve,but am not willing to waste money on it meanwhile.It,s not cheap


What was even more disappointing, they sent a satisfaction survey afterwards and I logged in ready to register my disappointment.  After a dozen questions on my income bracket, newspaper preferences, holidaying frequency etc it became apparent it was an exercise to collect my information for selling on, so I ended it there.  I guess they weren't really that interested in my feedback! 


I hate it when a so called survey goes on to ask for information that is not related.


Of course - I wouldn't expect anything else. As I've said, all these things are marketing opportunities - no different to any county show, motor show, boating show, wedding fayre etc.  


i went to Southport flower show on thursday and had lovely day 


Hope they realise how word has spread of this years disappointment,and how many people will be put off going again.

Survey or no survey,people vote with their feet and I guess not as many feet will be at next years show.


I went to Southport Flower Show on Friday, brilliant day, gorgeous sunshine and loads of plants and everything else you could want.  They have a food festival and book festival there as well.


glad you enjoyed it as well paula i went on a coach from beethom nursery so didnt have to worry about driving and parking although i did notice you could park all day for five pounds


I went to Southport yesterday and got absolutely soaked. I didn't think it wasn't as good as previous years but I suppose the weather did put a damper on it (if you'll pardon the pun )

I did manage to get a Helenium I've been after for my friend Helen's birthday next week so for that I didn't mind getting wet. Other than that I didn't see anything worth buying. 

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