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My husband named Carol Klein 'Mrs Hyperbole' a long time ago. She excelled herself tonighT. Anyone else noticed it? 

You must be exaggerating!


I just love her. Best ever presenter of all time.


She talks a foreign language to me using all those over exagerated words.



Didn't notice anything untoward or unusual - superb presetation as usual, love her infectious enthusiasm 

Lesley Marshall

OTT enthusiasm, very little accurate information. Does CK really think that daylilies are sterile? How come there are over 70,000 registered varieties?

And why can't the presenters pronounce plant names correctly? It is Hemerocallis, not Hemerocallis.



Lovely to see someone with a genuine passion for their subject on the tv - she's an inspiration


I just hope this thread isn't going to go down the road of the 'anti Monty Don' ones that have been around in the past. 

There's lots of people on tv that I don't care for but plenty of other people like. Isn't that why there's an off switch?


 Fairygirl I hope not. We don't need all that again.!  I'm perfect

Carol,Kleine is over enthusiastic and, for me it's a little distracting but not enough to really bother me.  Shes very knowledgeable and I like her, she knows her stuff and shes clearly passionate about her plants. Besides men make the best presenters....drivers, teachers, advisors, tinkers, sailors,soldiers,..........

...........tee hee hee hee!   (feeling bit naughty today!)

Somebody please tell me what Mrs Hyperbole means, Monty said in last nites prog "don't store seeds in plastic bags" ,hes right i checked mine this morning all in plastic food bags all wet and no good,well done monty us beginners need a bit of basics now and again , moving house and all the dictionaries are packed away thats why before anyone asks, 30 miles an hours wind and rain here in Tenby just for a change Ha Ha and yesterday so hot wot is happening avagooden Alan4711

Warm and calm here in Norfolk Alan - when's moving day? 

The potty gardener

Anyone with enthusiasm for plants/ gardening is ok in my book


Much better to have enthusiastic and knowledgeable gardeners than have gardening programmes presented by 'professonal presenters', who know all about 'presenting' and nothing about gardening 


Hi dove save a bit of that for us should be 2 weeks max, our buyers needed a very small mortgage and there estate agent so far is without a doubt the worst weve ever had to deal with, our buyer is constantly in their office complaining of the so called service there not getting, anyway be there soon ,now whats this hyperbole please somebody

well said , dove.

 I love carol. At least she has grown and propagated plants and knows what shes talking about.

Hyperbole?   Over zealously exaggerating or praising something.  Gushing over something, well,  er......carol kleining-like.  I have a toothbrush that's sooooooooo beautiful.  The colour is out of this world and the style is heavenly.  And the way it cleans my teeth, well, it's awesome