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I thought I wld watch Gardeners World on Iplayer as its finished on tele now but they have all gone Why? Now its dark and cold  it wld be a great time to be able to watch the programs as alot of the time im too busy in the garden to watch them on television. Maybe gardening programs shld be put on in winter when everyones stuck in the house.


I'd love to see summer gardens through the winter. I don't want to see someone else's mud and fog or presenters getting cold and wet. I want summer gardens indoors when there aren't any outside.


Gary Hobson

The original question, asked by the original poster, is why have editions of Gardeners World been removed from iplayer.

For example, you cannot watch the latest episode, broadcast on 9th November. Or indeed any episodes.

But most of this year's programs were available on iPlayer just a few weeks ago. I actually looked through many early programs about a fortnight ago. I was looking for the old episode of Monty's dog catching a potato, and I found it.

Someone has actually pulled the plug on those programs, for some reason, within the past few weeks. There is more to this than meets the eye.


Exactly my point WHY have all the programs gone that were on iplayer the other week? Half of what we watch on television these days is repeats and the one thing id be quite happy to watch again is nowhere to be seen.and probably never will be.

Gary Hobson
galest wrote (see)

...and probably never will be.

I think that probably never will be may be a clue to the reason.

My guess is that the BBC would like to monetise their vast library of material, and GW is a good example of a program series that has value. One way to monetise programs is to sell them on DVDs. Perhaps, more importantly, new products such as YouView enable viewers to see selected programs from the BBC's library on demand. Exactly how the BBC plays this remains to be seen.


Well considering how much money the BBC rake in from their viewers each year in licence fees I think its about time they put on what we want to watch and not what they want us to watch. They must have thousands of episodes of GW whats wrong with showing some from years back theres probably alot more interesting stuff on them than there is on the ones we see of late.

Gary Hobson

Many of the old series of GW have been reshown, several times, on premium satellite channels. That was one way in which the BBC could get some revenue from them.

Several of Geoff Hamilton's series, and some of Monty's, such as 80 Gardens, and Italian Gardens, are also available to buy on DVD.

If the BBC can make a charge, for something that people want to see again, then they will.


We've had endless repeats of Only Fools and Horses so why not Gardeneres World especially the Geoff Hamilton ones. I do have some of these on DVD, didn't pay a fortune for them though, only £1 at a car boot sale heehee! 

Paul N

I have recorded almost every GW this series so I can watch it during the winter. It's not as though the winter break is a surprise, they do it every year, so, DID YOU record the past programmes too? No? Oh well,,,,,

There are old Geoff Hamilton GW programmes from 1991 on Youtube, which are quite interesting.  I was annoyed about the latest Gardeners World programme though as I missed it and now they have all gone.    They could at least give you a few weeks to catch up before whipping them all off.

Gary Hobson
Paul N wrote (see)

I have recorded almost every GW this series so I can watch it during the winter. It's not as though the winter break is a surprise, they do it every year, so, DID YOU record the past programmes too? No? Oh well,,,,,

That's a very good point.

Personally, I have recorded a few GWs this year, and the Chelsea programs. But, having done so, I decided that I didn't really want to keep them.

In the old days of VHS, I sometimes used to record GW, and often recorded Chelsea. But I never replayed most of those tapes, and eventually got rid of them. For me, old programs are physical and mental clutter.

If anyone feels a desperate need for a fix, they can easily buy Geoff Hamilton's Box Set, only about £10 from Amazon. I have both of Montys DVD sets, and may watch them again - sometime in the distant future - before the format becomes obsolete. 


Programmes do not stay on i-player indefinitely -most are there for 7 days at most 30 days

This is a perennial question-why are there not more gardening programmes?-it is no good moaning about it if you wish to make your views known Dove has posted a link or contact you local BBC/ITV station-experience tells me nothing much will change- but until you try...........................



I recorded GW for years and would watch them again in winter but when MD took over at Berryfields I found the content insufficiently informative or interestuing to bother watching a second time.   It's the same now.  Nice way to pass a half hour but nothing new or exciting and often stuff which is not applicable to me or my garden.   It's too specific to monty's garden which is fine in its way but not for a glagship gardening programme aimed at the whole country with its variety of garden sizes, local climates, soil conditions and so on.

I suspect the i-player facility has been pulled for one of two reasons -1.  the powers that Beeb think on-one is watching or interested ingardening over winter.  2.  They've sold it to a satellite channel for re-broadcast and need the exclusivity for advertiser revenue.

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