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Am I alone in wishing for some repeats of the best of past BBC GW programmes over the winter when Friday GW is off air?  some repeats of Geof Hamilton would be most welcome as I get withdrawal sym ptons till the next series starts? 


Nice idea-but probably some of the older programmes have been sold on to satellite stations or released on dvd etc, and there is always a question over rights issues after so many years.

As I understand it repeating anything is not as easy as it sounds.

There are a few programmes and clips on youtube


Excitable Boy

June, I have PM'd you a link.

Really sad to think that Geoff Hamilton has been dead for 16 years - I still miss him!

Thanks for info to all...for some reason it is not the same as GW on Friday night, silly because I have the Geof Hamilton videos from when he was doing the programme but I never look at them, still it is a thought for when the garden is under snow!!! I do not know how I am going to get through the dark programmeless winter days - roll on spring



You need all the seed and plant catalogues, paper ones. you can't beat being by the fire or in bed with a good catalogue. I find the long dark hours hard though. Far harder than the cold.

I was feeling the same as gardeners world always heralded the start of the weekend for me, after a week at work I settle down with a beer or two on a friday evening and relax watching it. To fill the void I 've gone on you tube and earmarked some things to get me through, so far I've found a full series of love your garden with Mr Titchmarsh and a few other similar things about 15 half hour slots so far so that should satisfy the weekly fix for a while.

hollie hock

I too miss GW on Fridays, think I saw that Carol Kliens- Cottage Garden is being repeated at some point this Winter- missed it the first time around


I too would love to know when Carol Kline's cottage garden is being shown again. And I wish an enterprising channel would show them and Geoff Hamilton's Gardeners' World again.  A long time ago there was a channel called The Gardening Channel who did show some of Geoff's progs. but the Channel seems to no longer exist. Have whoever bought the channel got the tapes?  Could they manage to arrange to DVD and issue them?


I was quite upset this year that they didnt put the oldies on Sky, last year it was lovely to see all the previous progs. 

Gary Hobson
gardeninggenes wrote (see)

..  A long time ago there was a channel called The Gardening Channel who did show some of Geoff's progs. but the Channel seems to no longer exist. ...

The Garden Channel still exists, as an organisation. At least someone is still paying for their website to be maintained. Although they are not easy to find on TV. Their website has several hundred short videos on it.

The top level index is here:

You can often find gardening programs on some of the more obscure satellite channels. For example, there was a gardening program broadcast this morning on the Community Channel...

"Garden For Eden. The groundbreaking series presented by Melinda Messenger sees eight amateur garden designers competing for the opportunity to create an exotic eco-garden in the Eden Project."



June brig-house

On the advice I was given elsewhere on this forum, for a few £s I bought on Amazon a Geoff Hamilton collection and am gradually watching it all. He is amazingly lucid and just gets on with it instead of trying to 'charm' the viewer. Worth every penny.

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