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Reading through most of your comments over the programme i can see clearly where you are all coming from,the programme needs a change as going into poetry overload about a weed.we cleary need inspiration on design and planting ideas.


GQT, a few years ago they recorded a session at our club,we had to be there early, ask questions clearly, no west country accents and definately no clapping, then at the end they went over some questions etc a second time!

Being there it was definately off putting and not very exciting!

When I heard the actual broadcast, well it was marvellous, nothing like what I had sat through and very enjoyable!


Yes JMMMY, I've been to one of those, had to record some clapping so it could be dubbed in later, one of my  pet hates. 



Just loved those grasses last night, and all that autumn colour - quite inspiring 

Oooo.  Gw was about grasses!  Will lookofof ward to that (recording) later



Some fantastic new plantings by Piet Oudolf - and Monty was pointing out that although grasses are usually thought of as providing texture, movement and sound etc, some of the flowers are really colourful - there was a gorgeous plummy-pink flowered miscanthus looking amazing 


I've grown Ataea pachypoda from seed this year so I'm hoping for those incredible berries next.

Parts inspire me, others don't. But I guess it got to appeal to a wide range of people. The Echinacea's the other week were incredible. I think there needs to be more on the correct pruning techniques of shrubs and I see many a Philadelphus trimmed into a ball. I salute the show though, for trying to cram the entire world of gardening knowledge into about 20 hours a year...

You have me drooling re gardeners world and those grasses Dove. ,don't think people generally realise the colours in ornamemtal grassss.  Pinks, even tones of red, through to white (pennisetum  villosum) golden yellow ( stipa gigantea) purple /beige in Calamagrostis and the myriad of subtle colours of hordeum jubatum.  And they sway, billow and tremble.  Nearby is a miscanthus avenue on a river bank and the whispering sound is magical as you walk alongside

(do I give the impression that I quite like grasses?  )


Quite poetic Verdun

Do you like grasses by any chance ?

I agree with GillyL's first comment, although this programme might not of given the information that some people wanted it is still better than some of the other programmes that are on. And instead of informative it could just be seen as something nice to watch for some people.  


Yes, I thought last Feiday's Gardeners World was just the ticket .  I could not see it being filed as boring.  What I thought was especially good was that the producers spread the articles out over the country -Monty and Carol were miles away from the new walled garden up North where Joe was.


I enjoyed Friday's GW though I don't think Monty is very good at set pieces with RHS gardeners.  However, it was good to see open gardens with vistas and mixed plantings.

I didn't like the overall view of the Piet Oudolph garden  - too dull and monotone - but some of the close ups of the beds and the perennials used were luscious.  I prefer grasses with perennials rather than the other way round.   I love miscanthus  and also grow carex, molinia and hakonechloa which do very well here.  Stipas and penisetums and so on are too nesh for my garden..


I hope Verdun "YOU" are not smoking grass, or else we might be visiting you in the local nick!





"I know nothing about hemp!

Is it a grass?

Grear British Bake Off judge  Mary Berry.

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