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Was last night just me or what ,im sorry but i hate to say it but Monty bored me to tears last night,picking flowers i ask you no more please, and it said in the tv mag their would be info on fruit trees, why do i need to see somebody picking wild blackberries Please show me how to plant ,grow and look after them ill do the picking and eating,this is not supposed to be a nature prog its getting silly ,get back to basic gardening bits for beginners bits for the more knowing watchers Please !!! Right wots on telly a bottle o Bombardier and the last Vera i think ava nice nite folks

don't watch what you don't enjoy Alan. I haven't watched a TV programme for years.


I'm glad it wasn't just me who was underwhelmed by Friday's programme.  I normally love GW but this one did absolutely nothing for me.

dont you watch our Vera mi duck, i love the detectives ? well some of em mind you iv not ever watched a soap in my life this is my claim to fame, and her indoors is all set up on the sofa waiting for Xfactor daft i calls it


I'm afraid it's down to the lowest common denominator, when last did anyone on the programme do anything original or difficult!

No new or different flowers or veggies to whet my appitite!

And as for the dog,well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hmmmmmm.  Gardeners world was "lovely" and "nice" but nothing to learn or inspire this time. Beachgrove was same......lovely, nice, pleasant....but I do want something about the plants themselves.

Domt watch soaps either. News was good...we beat the Aussies again, won the tennis, and arsenal look good again. 


Seem to spend our tv time watching QI - OH says they're repeats, but as I usually doze off at least half of them haven't been seen before 


Must agree this week was weak on advice and real gardening. If they want go make it more mainstream ( easy watching, less techniquey, Nigel, ) then try to appeal to the next generation as well. Show ways to get kids involved, or more keep older kids interested. They aren't going to risk a separate show for it are they , but often mention how we need the youngsters to take up gardening. Morning moan over.


Mybe GW was weaker than usual,but it is still a vast improvement on most of the rubbish on nowadays,soaps especially.

Verdum wot kind of plant is arsenal then, ?
Lesley Cardiff

I agree - very thin on content and nothing new.  Bring back Toby and Alys!


Alys on her own programme.  Toby never again.

I've just watched GW from Friday and it was seriously dull and uninspiring and rather a waste of 30 precious minutes which could have been devoted to informative, interesting and inspiring items on plants and gardens - what to grow, how to grow, where to grow.  Ditto propagation.

Can't say I'm too disappointed though as I've been thinking this about GW for months.

Absolutely agree. I think a major problem is Monty's own choice of garden design, those narrow paths and tall hedges are claustrophobic. My small urban garden just doesn't have room for 'jewel' gardens or 'writing' gardens. I need to know about plants  cheek by jowel with others and get some ideas how to maintain a view all year round not just on a seasonal basis. Alan and Geoff ( those were the days) were very conscious of this and Joe has come up with ideas in G.,W. magazine, but the T.V. progrramme seems to have lost touch with the needs of many of it's viewers.



Look forward to seeing gardeners world....usually record it though to watch later.  Beechgrove last night was  so relaxing.  Enjoyed it but, again, nothing to inspire, challenge or excite. 

Toby Buckland, for me, is excellent and would like to see him or Andy Sturgeon presenting a programme about plants.  The two,together would be brilliant.  Gardeners question time on the radio is good but rarely have time to listen or I forget.

Dilys, I haven't thought about it like that but yes we need practical examples of how to merge some of these aspects/themes into our gardens. We all want a jewel garden and a white garden and a swathe of some particular showy plant. We also all want a bit of everything we see that looks gorgeous. We need help with the cumulative vision, the practicality, techniques and ideas to bring us back to reality but still happpy and excited by our planting. A very hard ask. Choose your home for the garden ?

Verdun - they do a downloadable version of GQT - I download it as a podcast every week and then listen whilst I am doing the ironing, or on a long boring car journey.  There is a fortnightly RHS advice one that is quite good too.

and I still love GW - highlight of my TV week.  In fact only 60 minutes to go....

Ok, thanks chicky. ,will look out for that


i record GQT from the tv to the humax recorder