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I love gardeners world...Its the start of my inspires me...but its just not long enough. Tonight was lovely, but I wanted more...I wanted to know about the plants in one of the gardens shown...I wanted to know more about over wintering plants and what to do to prepare them for the new season...I wanted to know more about the buddlejas.....however, I recorded I'll watch it again and pretend its an hour long!
Busy Bee2

Yes but if they made it an hour long, there wouldn't be time for bumper editions of Eastenders and let's face it, we don't get enough cookery shows.  And what about reality t.v. shows in which actors who did 6 month soap stints get to battle it out with has-been Tory politicians by ice dancing in the Australian jungle?  You can't expect gardening to take precedence over this kind of ground-breaking telly.

Ha! you are quite correct...silly me!

I know many will hate me. but we saw more of monty's dog than we saw of his garden.

I too wish gardeners world was on for an hour, i just got into it and it went off!,



what does " Nigel believes if I plant a tennis ball, it'll produce many more" or whatever he said, have to do with gardening. All this before the opening titles had appeared.

I'm sick of the monty /nigel show monopolising GW. WE WANT GARDENING.



Totally agree Hostafan, and now we have to watch for a year while Carol converts a garden.Very little interest to anyone just starting gardening, not a patch on the old presenters ie Geoff Hamilton.


Shame that people have to find negatives in everything, there will be a lot of young people with little garden knowledge that will find Carol's section very helpful.

I dont understand the problem Nigel the dog either, many gardeners have dogs and its hardly the Monty and Nigel show.


nodlisab wrote (see)

Totally agree Hostafan, and now we have to watch for a year while Carol converts a garden.Very little interest to anyone just starting gardening, not a patch on the old presenters ie Geoff Hamilton.

I don't understand this   When I watched the item I thought it was such a good idea - we get so many queries on here from people who've just got a garden and don't know where to start or what to do - I think they'll find it very helpful. 


I'd agree Dove. If you were just starting out I think it  would be very helpful. When I moved to my first house, about to have a baby, I had only a small amount of experience and a fair sized blank canvas of a garden. I was looking forward to getting stuck in and making changes on a very small - actually non existent - budget, but I reckon lots of people could have found that daunting and would have relished a bit of guidance about where to start. 


I think last nights program had a very good mix, some instruction and a couple of very informative garden visits.

Carols section should also help boost audience figures as new gardeners now have a section directly aimed at them.


Hostafan, we've all checked that you're not a Nigel/Monty fan by now, no need to go on about it! If you don't like GW anymore, perhaps you should stop watching it and save your nerves!


Every year we have the same discussion, MD, good or bad; Nigel charming or an unnecessary distraction.

The only thing we all agree on is that we should have more programmes on gardening. I suspect that these programmes cost more to make than cookery programmes, and, certainly get lower viewing figurs so it jusy aint going to happen.

My own personal opinion is that MD. is a really interesting man, who speaks and writes beautifully [ read his Ivington diaries ] and who cares passionately about gardening. You may not agree with me, but then of course you would be wrong!


Pd  -  you made me chuckle   

Who remembers Percy Thrower?  

Steve the Gardening Vet

I'm never quite sure why people are so damned upset by thirty seconds of a dog...



What we really need isn't another gardening programme, it's a whole gardening channel. 


You can please some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people of the time! 

Glad to say I'm pleased  More Nigel please! 


I second the POSITIVE comments made by several people, long live freedom to express a personal opinion-AMEN