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Woodgreen wonderboy

I think he knows that he is not popular with many time served GW viewers (like me for one) and is using this to gain sympathy and support from the gardening community.

Doesn't wash with me... 

Why could the snooker for half hour on Friday night been put onto the red button I am sure this could have been done, anyway half hour of GW is not even one frame of snooker, was it really needed for the BBC to stop a show that i absolute love and look forward to every week it sets up the weekend nicely. 


In defence of all things Gardeners' World: Being a bit of a novice, I really like Monty. I like the fact that he's principled too, about organic gardening, etc. I love Gardeners' World the programme and the magazine. I can't understand this dissing the people who feature in these for our entertainment and enjoyment. They're all enthusiastic and want to enthuse us too.

Anyway, I was really annoyed about the BBC dropping the programme for snooker, I read in the paper the excuse that Gardeners's World isn't time specific like snooker. But if you're a gardener, dying to see what to do next demonstrated, so that you can crack on over the bank holiday then that's not the case. And I wouldn't mind but Monty said on the previous week's programme that it would be 'back next week' so I was all expectant and looking forward to it.


clk, 1st paragraph, hear, hear! I quite agree, you can please most of people some of the time, but not all people all of the time!



I personally can't understand the vitriol that is often directed at Monty Don. I read some old posts on a thread linked to the recent debate about G'sW and I was horrified at some of the comments. 



No accounting for taste. Personally, Monty (and Nigel) can't put a foot wrong.


Given the Beeb has 4 channels I don't see why snooker can't go to Beeb 3 or even GW go to 3 or 4 for te weeks when "more important" sport is on.

Having said that, I didn't miss GW this week.   I don't think he's done anything relevant to my garden this season except for the advice to wait for temps to be right before planting and he hasn't done anything that's got my juices flowing for a new project or plant.

However, I did really enjoy Beechgrove and was very interested to see them sowing broad beans outside now.  What with having new feet this year I haven't got any beans started at all and just toms and chillies indoors.

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