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Does anyone know of use any gardening/plant apps that are UK relevant and that are any good? Loads on App Store but a lot of them seem to be for USA.


I have yet to find out what an App is

I'm trying the RHS one at present. The basic version is free and you can buy add ons. Just search Royal etc etc on the App Store .

Lol nut!


Didn't realise there were add ons! I have the basic RHS one and all it does is veg. I like flowers so it's rather redundant on my iPad. Will have to consult the store for upgrades 


I thnk the add ons are only for more fruit beg and herbs at this stage but I'm sure they will add more in time. 1.99 each for additional bundle.

Thanks for that MRWeeds, I'll have a look

Nut i too hav,nt got the fogies wot anybodies talking about

i have garden manager from google on my tablet not sure if its on apple its ok but you have to enter your own pictures and plant details and set up alarms for to do jobs

just checked on my iphone it isnt available from apple app store


Now you know how i feel nut with your listerene and epson salts lol.Really epson salts ive heard it all now.


It's true honest! 


not my listerine and epsom salts diddy. But it's all true


Alan4711 wrote (see)
Nut i too hav,nt got the fogies wot anybodies talking about
Glad I'm not alone Alan



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