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While in the local Salvation Army shop today I bought two gardening books. 'Successful Gardening' by Peter McHoy and 'Plants for Water Gardens' by Malcolm Edwards'. One was 70p while the other was 75p.

I know the internet has largely become the predominant information highway,but there's something about having a nice book to read through 


I love a book Fishy. 

Apart from anything else I go cross-eyed if I look at this little computer for too long. 


Nut, same here    tablet useful for quick references, photos and this Forum then I get the books out  

On weekly visit to local library  found 'The half hour Allotment' by Lia Leendertz with Will Sibley, an rhs published book. Extremely interesting and useful read.  

Agree with you both, wouldn't be without books 



so satisfying, having that packed paper object in my hands


And even better when they come through the post, its just not the same on the Kindle!


Agree Lyn. Who was it who said the computer would be the death of the book! (Retorical question - unless you know)  

I bought the basic Kindle about 6 years ago when I lived in France simply to easily get reading matter in my own language.

I do still use it occasionally but I much prefer proper books...........shelves and shelves of them ( well, mostly just piles actually as I need more shelves to accommodate them) anything from Victorian Plant books to modern day.....can't beat settling down to real paper that you can actually feel.


I have to agree with you all. I love the instant answer nature of the internet,but the feel and smell of the paper in a book will keep it from extinction I think. Then there's the snuggling up in bed with a good novel at bedtime 


I love paper. A good stack. and pencils, all the Bs. 


Do you draw nut? I'm intrigued 


No Fishy, I just like the feel of it all


I am currently traveling in the Balkans, with in my luggage the RHS encyclopedia of planting combinations. A heavy book, but also fascinating. Many flowers I encounter n the wild (Crocus tommasinianus, Cyclamen hederifolium, Euphorbia polychrome, ... ) are included. 

Nevertheless computers are also fascinating: I found a flora of Macedonia, published in the Bulletin of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew. Written in 1918, by W.B. Turrill, a British officer in 1918 (end of World War I), based in northern Greece. Really fascinating, given the difficult circumstances for research at that time. See:

Orchid Lady

I love reading a proper book and although I have an original kindle it hasn't been used for fact not since I read (dare I mention it again ) the 50 shades trilogy without my boys knowing LOL!!

I'm now collecting second hand gardening books and have recently acquired a fantastic one from a forum friend 

I am also making (not writing!) my own book over the winter when there is little gardening to do, I'm going to go over all my posts and collect the tips from on here 


That's a good idea OL, putting a book together.

Nice place to travel for flora Peter

Orchid Lady

I thought about doing it just after I joined Nut as I was getting so much giid advice, then summer took over so now I think it will take me hours!!

The plan is to copy and paste posts with advice (without names etc of course) and build them up for relevant subjects / plants


Orchid Lady

Excuse typos, my iPad is playing up and won't let me make corrections and if it does I then can't type anything else on the post!!!


Nut!!  LOL - I laughed so loud I think Mrs F wonders what's wrong with me.

OL - you're back!! How did it go and is it good to be back in Blighty? I suppose most of the tips you'll be using in your book will be mine 

Orchid Lady

I have lots of tips from various experts Fishy and I'm sure some of yours will be included  I was back on Sunday but only posted briefly before being hit by a 24 hour tummy bug which the whole family got so we spent the day in bed recovering after being up all night.....all better now though 

Orchid Lady

PS Fishy, busy couple of weeks now so may not be about much.....just in case you miss the post on Forkers