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My hens are my garden buddies. When I am weeding I am aware of them clucking behind me - I have a wonderful picture of such a moment about a month ago. They were sunbathing - stretching out their wings and feet - makes me smile every time. I was weeding the drive last week and when I finished they were scratting about looking for grubs. Again I have a photo but just can't get them loaded here.

the tidy gardener

my gardening buddy is my westie, judy. she sits on the deck of my summer house, looking like shes going to tell me what to do. its her favourite place. she comes up and gives me a lick every now and then,and a wag of her tail. sometimes a teddy will come out of the house,and I will find it up the garden path. now shes a bit older she sits on the old settee watching me,and often will go inside upstairs on the bed if she gets fed up.

you can see her tail on my photo!


I think Claire is referring to the photo of her avatar Mrs Nesbitt.

Oh right Forester - blonde moment! I have a few these days!



Mrs Nesbitt - It's difficult to spot (Judy's tail) - bottom left of the picture - not a blonde moment, so don't panic. .


What a lovely, lovely thread. Love doggie pics. 

I agree Runnybeak - but when you think about it fellow doglovers/dog walkers always seem to have "nice chats" and seem to be nice people. I take our 2 german shepherds to the beach every morning 10am and meet up with fellow dog owners - have made some lovely friends....then there's the lovely gardeners I meet at the garden centre - a lovely atmosphere with lovely people. I think gardeners and dog owners are two groups I enjoy being part of.


Blimey, when I started this I thought I might get told off for talking about pets on a gardening forum! Here's Frank with his favourite toy, 'Squeaky Long Dog'.



Beaus Mum

Awww more lovely buddy pics  The chicken pic made me well chuckle

Pottering, Beau also loves those squeaky long dogs 

No Bekkie he doesn't talk in deep voice as he is only a baby, 21 months 

And now everyone his head is even bigger as I told him all your lovely comments 


I dont know which one of us is more daft BM!
Beaus Mum

I think we may be twins separated at birth! But guessing Im was born bout 20 years earlier 


I'm not 27 bekkie - I'm 33 so have 6 more years to get to 27.


 Here is one of my hens, Mabel - in what was my potting shed - now the Henhouse! She is laying an egg, bless.

Beaus Mum

Oh I love Mabel  Xx

Didn't know we were allowed to post our four legged friends. Mine follow me wherere I go.  The blonde is the rascal and the princess. He just wants to please,  bless

 Sorry Talla s nose appears not to have uploaded?

Every one is 27 Forrester (im 34 really), i think you age backwards on here

Love the name Mabel for a chicken!
Orchid Lady

Only when you get to 40 Bekkie, or so I've been told.....I'm 39 now following this years birthday