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LP they are beautiful! Talla and? Whats your boy called ?

Ive only got a few years before i go backwards then, although i feel like i age in dog years!
Beaus Mum

Youre as old as you feel so that makes me 28  After yesterday 

Lily pilly, your two buddy's are beautiful  

Bekkie you are a lady after my own heart, Talla aged 5 and Leo is a rescue but we think about 3.  They are best pals

 Mrs Nesbit how difficult are hens,?often wondered 

potteringabout, i love your dog.  Always had labs until 5 years ago, mainly retired guide dogs nobody wanted



 Too dirty to be allowed in! Beaus mum thank you


Superb picture Lily Philly.



Thank you Lily Pilly. His a typical labrador, mad as a bag of frogs until he was about three, then gradually turned into a wonderfully placid gentle soul. Not an ounce of aggression in him and soooooooooo intelligent.

oooh I can just imagine. My labs taught me, one in particular I am sure was definitely from another universe!  I like to think our princess Talla is him back to have a spoilt life rather than work every moment.

give him a tummy pat from me!

Beaus Mum

Oh lily pilly how could you not let those beautiful faces in  

There is no smell facility on this! Both been rolling in unspeakable things?

Beaus Mum

Lily pilly is that four woofies you have?  I'm easily confused, sorry 

Orchid Lady

Gorgeous dogs LP and love the pic of them at the door, I sometimes wish I had a stable door on the back 



Pottering - I just love his name,'Frank'  

The thing about dogs is that they make you feel loved. I nip to the local co-op for about 10 minutes and they greet me like its been 10 years.

Lovely pictures everyone,non-canines included 


The Vigilante at the gate

 Flossie-Flo, the terror of the area

Beaus mum, just the two dogs, quite enough but we do have the space,

dont know what got into them this morning but they went bonkers for ages,

 Then asked me to join in, how could I refuse. Enjoy your garden buddies everyone!

Artjak.      Bless.   does Flossieflo stay for hours? Leo worships OH and sits at the gate waiting for him to return and give him a pat. It's all he asks for!


Hi Lily Pilly - keeping hens - we have 4 now and I must say they are very easy but garden plants have to be well thought out. We have a large well established garden - with lots of trees so to be honest we don't need to add many flower interests as we feel there is enough going on. We are rural too so our hens have a wonderful life - wandering into the field next door on a late afternoon and their little heads can just be seen through the fence as they sunbathe. Dustbaths are a joy to behold and when I sit and watch them (often for too long) I realise how sad it is for the battery hens. No cockerel - they don't need one - they give us lovely eggs. Cockerels will mean chicks and this is where it all gets complicated. We've done that - we just want nice eggs now. Any questions just shout. I'd recommend anybody to keep a few chickens - strong secure housing - no pesky fox issues.

Beaus Mum

Sorry lily pilly as pic quite dark at the stable door and thought they were labs

They really are a couple of beauties and hope you had a smashing time going bonkers  Think my neighbours think I'm bonkers when they hear me all day long talking to Beau 

Artjak your flossie flo is dead cute and would love her to be waiting at my gate for me 


These are my 2 gardening buddies, Louis and molly. Been on here before but couldnt resist. Nearly got me thrown off the allotment for invading other plots so now have to be tied up (not as much fun!)


 Bing and Sadie my gorgeous buddies.

ginagibbs  and Mrs N what lovely friends you have.  Never alone with our four legged friends are we? Mine have been so much fun this afternoon