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I have a very good friend, who is always with me when I'm in the garden. He is fascinated by everything I do, whether it's planting out, sowing seed, tidying up or even sweeping the patio. I chat to him as I work and he never disagrees with my gardening theories or try's to offer advice. If I have a raging success with a project or create a horticultural catastrophe, he views them exactly the same. If I decided to dig up a bed of herbacious perenials and replace it with a bed of nettles he would think that was the right thing to do. In short he is the perfect gardening buddy.

He is my six year old Chocolate Labrador. Does anyone else have a buddy in the garden?

My little dog Rosy comes on my gardening rounds with me. She is a constant companion, and will sit in the sun until I am finished, unless there is a mouse hole, in which case she will spend her whole day with her nose in it. She is very good, and knows not to chase the client's cats, and doesn't charge through the borders. All my clients love her, one particular old gentleman always has a bag of Rosy snacks ready for our visit!
My choccy lab tends to come out when ive finished to see what ive done, and generally pee up my favorite plant! If there is any loose soil where ive been digging, he cant resist, digs a hole and lies in it! Whats that about? Dumb dog

What variety is rosie?

Morning pottering about 

Yes my dog too.  Golden lab, 11 years old in couple of weeks ...Spike.  Always there quietly enjoying the association and peace.


Bekki lol "variety" you've got plant fever Breed?


Rosy is a pug terrier cross, really cute! And so full of character she can almost talk! Not sure how to post a pic in this reply, as I'm on an ipad.
I was trying to think of that word, i nearly ended up with flavour! Senior moment !
Beaus Mum

I have my Beau, don't know about buddy! He follows me and sticks his big head in my way with everything I do! Or stands right in my way as I try to get by, he fills holes fast as I dig them, he runs off and chews up the plastic plant pots, he pees up my plant pots and borders, chews any bare branches he can reach, runs off with my kneeling pad, runs off with my trowel and secateers, empties my weed basket fast as I fill it, brings all cuttings out of recycle bag into house, trips me up, fights my hose pipe, runs off with my garden chair cushions and gets them all muddy and YES I wouldn't have it any other way  

I bet your neighbours roll around laughing
Orchid Lady
My gardening buddies are both a help and a hindrance, 2 beagles, my dog lives to, lie outside, he would stay out all day if I let him and he follows me around when I'm pottering.

My little lady beagle follows,me too and just sits and watches.

Both of them eat the windfall apples and plums and Ollie destroyed my 2 poppies I had grown from seeds, he just decided he didn't like them in the pots where they were in my little 'nursery' area and pulled them out!!

A few years ago my daughter raised 2 chickens from eggs.

We let them out in our garden and they would follow me everywhere.When I was digging holes etc they were straight in there scratching about.They kept tripping me up so I had to be really careful!

No buddies with me now,just me in the garden.


Bobin the Robin is always within earshot to sympathise with my mutterings and curses while I'm out in the garden.  Also a pair of hedge sparrows (dunnocks) hang around at ground level, flitting in and out of the plants as I wander around.  The house sparrows are back in force this year and around 50-60 sometimes startle me as they fly out of the hedge when I approach.  They cost me fortune in seed for the feeders but it's worth every penny to see that their numbers have increased from about 2-3 years ago when they were at their lowest (maybe 3 or 4 pairs.)  They aren't all lightweights when it comes to helping in the garden either - aphids infestations have all been cleaned by the birds whenever they appeared - I think they are used to provide liquid for their young.


I know this is not a pets forum but, he is my gardening buddy............



He is gorgeous! If we can have threads for cake and nattering (forkers), we can have threads for dogs!

More please



Flossie Flo is a very uncritical gardening friend, but she splits her time between watching me and watching the road, which runs alongside the whole garden to see if anyone has the temerity to walk a dog along the pavement!

She was 9 when I got her, she is 10 now or maybe 11, the former owner was a bit vague on this. She is a wiry haired short legged Jack Russell.


Pottering, he is lovely

I only have an undergardener that accompanies me and has recently had ideas about the garden

Lovely thread

Beaus Mum

Oh potteringAbout he is the most gorgeous colour and what a smile 

Beaus Mum

Bekkie's buddy



Thanks BM

The pic above is my gardening buddy, but this was taken when he was in the canal!