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Rui Correia

Hi All,


I run a small gardening business caring for small domestic gardens and have recently been given the opportunity to attain a larger scale garden maintenance contract for to high end gardens, I have the necessary experience and qualifications to maintain the gardens and manage a team of people large enough to undertake the works but have never had to put together a maintenance schedule/contract.

Can anyone on here assist me with this or provide me with a sample from which I can then work, there are approx 10 acres of garden per property to include various shrub beds, a forest area, various shrub and flower beds near the main house, a wetland area, vast lawn areas and gravel/paved drives and paths all of these are fairly mature with a large array of planting and vegetation.


The gardens have been neglected for a while and our current agreement is to come in for a week to get the gardens to a stage where they will then become more manageable thus requiring less man power on a weekly basis.


Any help will be highly appreciated.





The secret to any large contract or job is to split it into smaller pieces. It then becomes manageable. 

Each area should be treated as a small garden and the work done accordingly with time slots and pre planning with the team you have according to their experience.

If you lack experience in a sector you hire in specialists to do the work.

Making use of trusts and expert advice in certain area's will be crucial especially with a wetland area and forestry.

As a planner for major police operations, the use of specialists in relevant area's was crucial and the advice they can give to you as to their capabilities can save you a headache and lost time.

Now as a gardener, big gardens aren't daunting, they just need planning and direction and full use of resources Being able to say you don't know enough about something to do it confidently is appreciated more than making a hash of things.

The gardening year, is planned by most of us every year, so you have a head start. Use technology to the full and if not a spreadsheet.

Big jobs are a succession of smaller jobs one after the other. Don't be daunted and a week isn't enough for 10 acres unless you have a very large team.

Tell the client the truth and don't overestimate your capabilities and never be afraid to ask someone for help.

That's the best advice I can give, having made most of the mistakes you can make!

Rui Correia

Thanks very much for your words of encouragement Dave, they are much appreciated.

My main issue is setting out the written contract as it is something I have never had to do as my maintenance gardens which I have are all by verbal agreement and ongoing communication between myself and the client/s hence the reason I am looking for help in this area.

Hi Ruin, check out . It is a network specifically aimed at professional gardeners/landscapers etc, and the forum has a wealth of information about this and many other aspects of the job. I am sure you will find it very useful.
Sorry Rui - spell check altered your name in that post, not me!!


Rui Correia

lol Potsandpansies, wouldn't have noticed if you didnt mention it. Thanks for the link though I will check it out.


Rui Correia

Many Thanks for the advice Mike Allen, I will contact my solicitor re drawing up of the contract.


Rui Correia

Any ideas where I can get a basic contract to start, just to get some ideas as to what I should be looking at?

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