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Well I don't think the interview went as well as I thought! Have not heard anything back from the garden centre. :'(

That's a shame, a bit rude as well to interview and not let you know 


Might be an idea to call them and ask, shows you are still interested. They can't do more than say no, better than being on tenterhooks!


gab82, sorry to hear that news, or should I say no news . If that is how they treat candidates maybe not a good place to work. Sometimes things happen for a reason ( or so my Gran used to say). Thanks for update.

You have a love of gardening so stay on the forum, maybe not much happening in gardens at this time of year but join in other threads. Soon be Spring  


Talking to students at work, it's absolutely normal these days to get no notifications from potential employers.  Something to do with hundreds of applications for every job I expect although it doesn't show UK businesses in a very good light.  The cost of a piece of paper and a stamp (or even a mobile text message) is no excuse in my opinion.  Keep trying gabs - I'm sure somone will recognize your enthusiasm!


If you don't get the job gab dont look back.  It's all a learning curve.  Mybe the next job interview will be more successful.  I would not contact them again, though.  As already said, it's rude not to inform you.  It seems the way of things these days.

Whilst I don't think anyone expects to hear back at the application stage these days unless they are successful, it really is unforgivably rude not to let you know one way or the other if you have been for an interview. It has happened to me in the past, and I took the view  that I would not have wanted to work for that organization if they had no common courtesy. Chin up. It may be nothing to do with you. Perhaps they had a candidate who knew someone who already worked there, for example. Don't despair

I agree with Swiss Sue, callnig them sounds a good plan. If you have been unsuccessful and someone with more experience has got the position, calling them shows an interest and you can ask for feed back about your interview.

If you have not been successful, explain you plan to look for a similar postion and would find it helpful knowing where you need to gain more experience.

Life can be a learning curve, when next interviewed, ask how you will be notified of the outcome.

Hope this is helpful

Woodgreen wonderboy

If you are not successful, you can let them know that you would like to be considered for any subsequent vacancies… that you realise they are someone you would like to work with?

Thanks everyone. I sent a follow up email on Tuesday, asking is they had any updates and for feedback if I've been unsuccessful. Not had a reply from that either!

Hiya gab.  Been in a similar situation myself few years back.  Contacted them twice without any acknowledgement and it was so disheartening....almost as bad as the original rejection.  I hope you do get a sound a nice guy.....but if not put it behind you and forget it.  

I will be as pleased as anyone here if you get a response so good luck 


Many years ago - when I was still living at home -  I had an interview at BT. Over two months later, after hearing nothing in the meantime, I received a letter from them. I opened it dejectedly, obviously assuming it was the polite rejection, read as far as 'I'm sorry to inform you..." and threw it in the bin.  That night my mother asked what the letter had said (that was in the days the post arrived early enough that she'd clocked the letter before going to work herself) and I said something snotty like "read it yourself, it's in the bin". She promptly did go to the bin, got it out and read it in full.  It turned out the letter actually said "sorry you didn't get the job you were interviewed for but we liked you so much we kept you on file and now we have a new vacancy and would like to offer you the job!"  Thank goodness for nosy mothers! 

Moral of the story... never give up hope. Sometimes silence is a good thing because it can be a case, like in mine, of the employer keeping their options open until the right vacancy comes along for a good candidate.


Funny that. ........found out today I got the job after all!

Hurray......   When do you start?


Thanks all. I'm well chuffed. Start January so I can enjoy Christmas now! Really didn't expect that today. Better get my head in books now before I start

Well done gab


Well done - brilliant news!  Congratulations 


Have only just come across this thread; such a lovely story, congrats for getting the job