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I'm currently a chef, and have been for years. I've loved gardening in my spare time for a couple of years now. Just got my first interview in a local garden centre, and really want to get the job and start my career in horticulture. Has anyone got any tips or advice on what to do/prepare for the interview. Thanks Guy

What's the position you're applying for Guy?

Planteria assistant. Nut

swot up on the basic GC type plants and let them know you'll be able to advise on size, care etc. But don't intimidate the boss by knowing more than him/her. Mention your ability to help the totally ignorant choose a plant suitable for their garden and have success with it. 

Thats great advice nut



Perhaps talk about your own garden and any areas you are particularly interested in.Have you ever helpled anyone with their garden?

Yeah GillyL I am going to talk about my own garden if I get half a chance. I do a bit at the place I work now with the herb garden I've created. So will try and big myself up a bit. Wonder if I should ask about gaining qualifications while I work

Shows you are keen Guy

Thanks nut and GillyL will let you know how it goes on thursday!

Yes,let us know how you get on. Good luck


gab82 I would also think about an answer if you are asked about how much interaction you currently have with the general public, I assume as a chef you don't have a lot of contact with the customers. Also be prepared to give examples of how well you work alongside others. 

Good luck.


The place where my OH works shares it's site with a GC - he says that one of the most important attributes needed at the GC is to be observant - to notice when plants need watering before they show it - so many times bedding plants are left in the sun to wilt, or watered whether they need it or not and then get botrytis - the observant staff don't let it happen.

Good luck 

 yes dove

i agree about the neglect of some plants in G C, how many of us have bought a neglected plant  just to save its life,  ...  hopefully.!!

                That would be my dream job, good luck 


Woodgreen wonderboy

Look at what they concentrate on selling now, and gen up on those as a starter… no point being ignorant on those… or an expert on plants they don't focus on either. Have a FEW " good" ideas of your own where you think that these can add value to the business, but don't be a know it all . Even if they have tried these ideas in the past they should still appreciate that you have thought about the issue and could be a positive asset for the future.

By all means ask about qualifications as this is a sign of how good an employer they are. However, even then you may be expected to do all or most of it in your own time, and perhaps for minimal financial reward. GCs are not in the upper quartile of payers!


Secret Squirrel

Take photos of your own garden and plants. Show them at your interview.

Hiya guy

Keenness I think.  To show energy too....viz., display an active enthusiasm for plants etc. and a passion for horticulture

To know the company.  Have you looked up the company?  When did it start?  What does it sell?  Just plants?  Say why you would like to work there.

Do you have a favourite group of plants?  Do you know the basics ...the essentials for healthy plant growth?  (sorry if you do but I think you will be asked this) 

Good luck guy.  Let us know how you get on

Interview went well I think. It's the waiting now that's killing me!

Green gardening fingers crossed for you! 


gab82 if you think the interview went well, it probably went brill. Please let us know when you get confirmation. Best wishes.