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Seriously this is not a joke.  Someone badly hurt by pothole and another had severe damage to his car.  Potholes down here.....prob everywhere.....have become a real safety issue.  A local person is in hospital with serious injuries after his car went over the edge and Imto the sea.

Had a friend who alway made fun of people's injuries, illnesses and misfortunes.  When he went too far I had a quiet word.  

  Let's not focus on targeting where people come from either..not nice or wanted 

Good to keep this thread going I think but let's do it for FUN. 

Handbags at dawn?

The police where called to another murder in the corn field ,the detective turned to his team and said " I think we are looking for a cereal killer here . ( sorry it's the only gardening joke I know ) 

Brumbul  great jokes ,loved the one with the laughing puppy in (I am blond ) haaa!!! 


The thread's called Gardening Jokes 


Arrrrrr dove if it brings a smilie to peoples faces does it really matter ?  


Jokes are often funny to some people but are made at the expense of others - it's good to laugh with people, not at them - that is why one person continually making jokes about the places that some other posters live can be tedious, and can lead to some people feeling that they are being targeted. 

'They are jokes, nothing more, nothing less' was the excuse Bernard Manning and those of his ilk used when targeting various groups.

Now that Brumbull knows that some of his jokes are upsetting people, I'm sure he'll try to avoid posting that type of joke - if he continues then it's clear that he either intends to upset people, or doesn't give a damn. 

well I didn't take offence about being blond haaaa at all . 

anyway  enough said life is too short is another joke; I get so excited about gardening I wet my PLANTS.

Every one has  these on their faces....... TULIPS

knock knock. Whose there ?? Lettuce

lettuce who ??

lettuce in    It's cold outside.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Well said Dove and Verd. I have friends and relatives who send me very funny stuff over the internet. I pass them on, but not if there is the slightest whiff of politics, religion, gender, or  is at the expense of particular groups. If it offends , then it can't be a joke, can it.

Hiya woody 

Far nicer to be nice isnt it?  

Did you get my hints about a thread on alpines ?    


Woodgreen wonderboy

Yes, and am still mulling... I really am going to get a new phone soon which will enable me to do pictures. Sadly only this morning my plans to build an outside alpine bed have crashed as my contractor has been told to give up heavy lifting, as he has a seriously bad back! I feel very sorry for him because he is a genuine guy and a good worker. I will put this all on hold for now while I think of plan B.

Wood green ,wonder boy ,So your friends and relatives send you jokes also that might offend , really I think everyone is making too much of this : I am from Liverpool ( yes a scouser) and believe me I have heard the lot . But am I offended Narrrr !!!  we are.made of stern stuff  and can take a joke , if you took all the politics , religion, race, colour of hair , weight,height, etc etc there wouldn't be many jokes  around now I must admit I cringe at rude jokes . this thread  has made me think about being on this forum.i think it really isn't for me , I thought it was , you should take a chill pill . & I' sign off now , it was great while it lasted bye Annie 


Well, well, here we go again!


Oh !! were are my manners thanks to everyone for the advice 

happy gardening to you all . Annie 

star gaze lily

Well it really didnt take long did it, shame it had been so nice on here lately.

Sorry you feel you have to leaveAnniei

Daniel Haynes

Hello everyone,

You'll recall that a while back, when things got a bit unpleasant, we started a 'no bickering' policy on the forum. That policy still stands. This thread, started with the purpose of sharing some jokes, is becoming a bit bad-tempered in tone, so we will delete it if this continues.

Do share jokes by all means, but please bear our forum code of conduct in mind before doing so:

Lecture over!

Daniel Haynes


Thank you for stepping in Daniel it is appreciated.

Ashleigh 2

Why did the scarecrow get an award? 

He was outstanding in his field.