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As a gardener what sort of socks do I wear?  ....just thought of this so it's a good un 

........first correct answer buys me a donut.  Donut reply with the wrong answer ...get it?  Good eh?  

All spontaneous and sooooo funny.  

Off to the foodbank now.....and the weather is getting stormer by the hour 


What did one ...... say to the others as they hid in some ones shed eating pretend cake and sending each other to the naughty step.

I think we are losing the plot.

ok I'll get my coat.


Very good Ashleigh - like that one 

Whiteheather - you've lost me  

I donut know the answer Verd.  

Can we get a clue pretty please?


star gaze lily

I donut know either, but I think Doves right.  Verdun if Doves right you should buy her the donut, ........cheeky Verdun 

Garden hose, of course.  Get it.  Good eh?, I'll get my coat shall I?  


I thought the pear of  socks was better

star gaze lily

Very good Verdun, liked pear of socks too. So Dove still deserves a cream cake 



Sorry Verd, but hose are tights. Can't allow it. Totally inaccurate. Dove wins. Get yer coat ...and doublet 

I now have a vision of you gardening in tights..... 

star gaze lily

Fairy, hose can also mean stockings, now thats a different picture altogether


Lily you forgot to say panty.


What do these look like if it's not Cornish Piskies?



KEF - language 



Sorry Fairy, knickers

Look, it was a spontaneous joke.  Thought it was brilliant...well I couldn't stop laughing as I typed it.    

How did you know I garden in tights Fairygirl?  Ah! I know.  You saw me in town earlier didn't you?  They were so warm and comforting that I kept them on all day.  Because they stretch I can carry all my groceries too so they serve another practical reason for wearing them 


You caught me red handed Verd....and red faced too after I'd seen you...

I think it was your varicose veins not the groceries that made your legs look lumpy.You looked like Nora Batty. 


I try to be inconspicuous Fairy but I guess the collar and tie was a bit silly