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Woodgreen wonderboy

Hello, I am in the middle of producing a quiz on all matters gardening to run at the next meeting of our local Horticultural society. It needs to be a bit challenging, without being too daunting for beginners, informative and , of course, fun. Has anyone done this before who could give a few pointers? Has anyone any good questions to suggest? And, perhaps more difficult, how can we bring humour to our quiz?

All ideas and contributions will be willingly considered, and thank you in advance for yuor help.


Will PM you with a Flower quiz which proved very popular with our gardening group.


If you google "Gardening Quizzes "" WW you will get quite a few ideas for questions.


Woodgreen wonderboy

Thanks to both of you. I have followed your advice and now have some good stuff.



Here's one:  What have the following got in common?  A London bus, a football pitch, The Isle of Wight, Wales and France?



A london bus is RED

a football pitch is GREEN

The Isle of Wight is WHITE

The three make up trhe colours of the Italian flag

Italy play Wales and France in the Six Nations

Pottie Pam

Stuck on that one Welshonion.

I sometimes compiled quizzes for the local pub. (Not gardening questions) the first page was a picture quiz. I cut pictures out of magazines etc. and stuck them on a sheet of paper then photo copied as many sheets as needed for the quiz. Perhaps you could do the same with with pictures of plants Woody.



Sorry Gilly, it's much simpler than that!


Oh dear ,I thought I had solved it.

Hey welsh onion ....I'm going to be obsessed with that until you tell us 


Give up !  ..........


Who stepped into the garden?

Maude. Poor but my best effort Woody


Well, they are all used as informal measurements and comparisons.  The length of a London bus; as in the latest massive ship is the length of 58 London buses; that was on TV the other night.  An area the size of a football pitch, the Isle of Wight, and a very common one - Wales, they say it all the time - and lastly, an area the size of France.


Brilliant Welshonion  - that has been on my mind all night, and now i have the answer. You could add an Olympic Size Swimming Pool to your list too - a very common comparator for volume.  Wonder who dreamt them up to start with?


Oh yes, I like the swimming pool!


Brian Crane

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Brian Crane

Oh Dear!

It was not my intention to upset anybody. I was just responding to a member looking for good gardening questions with verified answers. I do not have a website to promote, I'm just a freelance writer for the media. I'm a keen gardener of many years standing and have written questions for many TV shows, which include The Weakest Link, Telly Addicts and Garden Invaders. Also, some of my clients are well-known horticultural societies and gardening clubs, who use my services because many questions on the internet, including gardening questions, are unfortunately repetitive and not always correct. I'm merely offering an alternative to seriously minded quiz people.

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