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Which shows is everyone one planning on attending in 2013?

I have just been looking at some of them here Garden shows in 2013  and was wondering which ones people would recommend?

I did fancy Chelsea but not available in May. Any ideas


I love the Malvern Spring Show and in Which recently it came up as one of the best. Not the huge show gardens but plenty of interest.

Also like Harrogate shows. Sorry never been fortunate to visit London ones. 

Quite like the idea of Tatton, but again never been fortunate to go.

Thanks Rosa, malverns not to far away so I might try that one.

flowering rose

The malverns are  a lovely place to walk with views of the golden valley and Malvern is a lovely place to visit.I am off to Ford Abbey in spring and slim bridge which is not a garden show.


Live in Malvern - but rated the show even before we came here 


Is Ford Abbey a garden show, I havent come across that one? Slim bridge is a bird centre isnt it?


Malvern show is good for buying plants and talking to the growers about how to care for them.   Lots of other stands too but not wonderful show gardens althouh they're nice enough.   Chelsea is good for show gardens big and small and talking to growers in the amazing floral marquee but, apart from a few seeds and lily bulbs you can only order plants for later delivery.   Tatton is similar to Malvern but bigger and, being later in the season, has a greater variety of plants on sale.   Haven't been to Hampton Court since it first started and found it really awful to get to and from cos of parking problems and distances which are not good if, like I was, you are driving a pushchair and carrying plants.



I will be going to Hampton Court for the fourth year, it is a lovely show.



Ford Abbey is a beautiful building with a lovely garden and very high fountain open to the public. I went last June.


That is a great photo Lizzie


We have been to both Tatton and Spring and Autumn shows at Malvern. Can recommend both. Malvern is a more manageable site, not too big, the Autumn show was more like a country show, with food stall and animals or it was when we went a few years ago, but enjoyable none the less. We haven't been to any shows in the last couple of years partly due to health reasons, OH has had both knees replaced, and the cost of entrance. We have also been to Forde Abbey, great garden centre, very affordable. It was when we visited just a garden to walk round. Beautiful

 Forde Abbey June 2009

I'm not planning any gardening shows at the mo, but am looking forward to going to Ness Gardens (Wirral), I haven't got a car but our local bus company has just started a service going there every half hour. Am really pleased . Not been there before so am looking forward to going.
Was going to go this week but too cold......lovely pics Lizzie and Love to garden

When i lived in central England i visited both Hampton Court (using train as agree parking/roads a nightmare) and Tatton Park - loved them both!

I've now relocated back to central Scotland, so gardening shows are a bit more limited - but i enjoy going along to Gardening Scotland for some ideas, but always come back with too many new plants


I have heard a lot about Ness Gardens, but unforunately have never been. Hope you enjoy your trip Flower bird. Take your camera and post a picture or two It's good that you can get a bus.


Thanks chris, will take loads of snaps and butties too!


Thanks so much for all the responses

Thats a great idea lovetogarden, any shows anyone goes please post some pics or of previous shows

Oakley Witch
Im planning to ride upto Dundees show and will try and get to gardening scotland too.

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