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I have just harvested my garlic and I have found small cloves about 4 inches above the main bulb on some of my plants, in one case I have found two sets of them about 4 inch apart. From four plants I now have about 20 little cloves extra to the main bulbs. Can I do anything with them, as they look immature, can I replant them in winter or eat them now?


It does sound as though you planted the garlic rather deep.  I plant my garlic with the top of the clove about 2 inches below the surface, certainly not deep enough for little cloves 4 inches above the main bulb.

I'm sure they are of no importance, but I wouldn't plant them for next year, as only the biggest cloves should be planted in the Autumn for next year.

hello David, if you still have the bulbils from your garlic, it's worth replanting them in autumn as an inexpensive way of increasing your stock. They will likely only produce small bulbs or undivided rounds the first year. Here is a link to a blog about growing bulbils - scroll to the bottom of the page where you'll see the photo of an artichoke variety of garlic that's bolted - sounds like the description of your garlic


Last night I pulled my garlic - it hasn't had the best of years to be honest and was trampled so lifted before time.

What I did find on my elephant garlic especially was several mini bulbs growing from the roots / base of the main bulb. Could these mini bulbs be dry stored and planted come autumn as part of next years crop? Or are they rejects and should be dry roasted on the bbq?

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